Bloodstock Open Air Festival Day 2 // Hobgoblin New Blood Stage // Early Starters


Opening today’s New Blood are hardcore mentalists Inferiem, a gargantuan sounding five piece they start and drop on a dime, with savage vocals and intricate guitar work all fused together by monstrous riffs you have one seriously hefty package to start the day. Groove laden riffs and hard hitting vocal delivery make for a powerful package and definitely are one to watch.


Thrash the name and Thrash’s the game, pummelling double bass drums and sharp guitar riffs with guttural vocals with the added addition of a smoke machine none the less these boys smarter than the average bear. A little drama added to the New Blood Stage is always a welcome thing – the music is going down well with the New Blood massive and these guys have some serious chops.

Goat Monsoon

The New Blood tent has filled out as the anti early morning crowd have stumbled their way into Bloodstock for day 2 … Goat Monsoon are here to rock and with one of the first female musicians I’ve seen on the stage it’s a welcome change, we’ve had front women but no musicians as yet. These guys are gnarly, Rock,Metal,Punk influences all rolled into one big fat juicy highly energetic package that’s hard to ignore.
More Later !!!
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