Bloodstock Open Air Festival // Day 1 // Ronnie James Dio Stage // Pt 3


The stage is transformed into the ruins of a church.  A billowing smoke like fog snakes it’s way across as the 5 corpse painted band members emerge whilst conducting the audience cheers.

Dressed in full on evil gothic garb the band begin to play with Attila Dorn on vocals shooting fire fuelled guns and the rest of the band drumming up a shout of “Powerwolf! Power Wolf!”

This band know how to conjure up audience participation and with their introduction of “incense and iron” they have the crowd in the palm of their deathly cold hands as they speed their way through their German Power metal set full of werewolves and vampires.  Falk Mari Schlegel is really quite something to watch as he hangs off of his overgrown woodland enclosed tree stump of an organ and Roel Van Helden, set atop the ruins thuds and thumps the songs into place. The Greywolfs on guitars do well to dodge the fiery pits of the pyrotechnic display throughout.

“Demons are a girl’s best friend has the audience divided gender-wise for a playful sing-a-long whilst ‘Ressurection by Erection’ has the Men catered for.

Find out more about the band and their latest Album ‘The Sacrament of Sin’ (2018) at:



Sabaton arrive on stage to an explosion of fireworks.  The 5 piece are clearly at home on the stage as they assume their positions and immediately begin interacting with their captive audience. On top of trench like sandbags sit the large words ‘The Great War’ an obvious nod to the band’s most recent (2019) album of the same name.  This blends well with the huge tank riser that drummer Hannes Van Dahl is in the driving seat of. This drum riser turns out to be one of the many stage props that begins shooting flames in time to the music – the heat of which is welcomed by the crammed full field of eager watchers-in-the-rain.

A Hammond organ and a song about a pirate can only mean one thing: ‘The Red Baron’ a short but sweet song that is met with many cheers.  Whilst air raid sirens and a haunting war sign play their part in adding an extra chilling vibe to the stage show and glowing red BOA flag which pulses with the wind as though it’s breathing.  Sabaton deliver a Swedish Power Metal set with precision and their many many fans are only too pleased to join in with the overhead clapping, air punches and catchy choruses that go along with the story being told on stage.  It’s a fitting main stage finale for the first fantastic night of the festival. Find out more at:

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