Blood Red Hourglass

A few people had now had their fix from the Cradle of Filth set and many were heading for the Sophie Lancaster stage for a second helping of heavy metal.

This time it was from Finnish band Blood Red Hourglass with a mesmerising set full of pumping drumbeats and heavy guitar.

Playing at Bloodstock was just the start of their tour through Europe and have gained a massive fan base. 

Led by vocalist Jarkko Koukonen, these beasts from Finland were more than popular with the crowd. Plenty of hair spinning, Bloodred Hourglass set a high standard for the rest of the evening. 


The sounds of something akin to Gregorian Monks chanting announces the arrival of Batushka to the stage, the smel of incense wafts through the air and you know shizzle if about to get real. What looks like a scene from Eyes Wide Shut presents itself on the Sophie Lancaster Stage as the penultimate band to grace its ground in 2019 are about to kick off in Ernest. The sense of theatre is unreal as the anticipation of the crowd below bikes awaiting the thrash of the first chord of Batushka’s set. A visual extravaganza, not seen since the closing band of 2018 Watain, Batushka’s show was simply breath taking. 


The final band to grace the stage of Bloodstock Open Air 2019 is none other than Eluveitie, Swiss Folk-Metal at its finest. This seven-piece band bring a whole new experience to the Sophie Lancaster Stage this weekend with a breast of fresh air and a bit o’ class to close off what has been a phenomenal weekends entertainment. The fullness of their sound reverberates across the arena as the party continues and the realisation that it’s all coming to an end is all too real. The crowd is bouncing to the melodies being tossed around by this extremely talented band, the beautiful lyrical content and delivery just consumes all who fall under its spell. What a way to say goodbye to one of the UK’s finest Metal Festivals.

A stunning array of bands, genres, and interesting characters have flooded through the gates at Catton Hall, but through all of that Bloodstock Open Air despite its name is one of the most family friendly, good natured festivals on the scene over the summer you’ll find. It’s grown into a monster over the years but is beautifully compact enough to take in with ease. I’ve seen more kids here this year than last, smiles as far as the eye can see, and despite the British weather trying to test us to the full we persevered.

Bloodstock 2020 is taking place August 6th-9th, you can purchase early bird tickets now.


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