Rolling up in black hooded capes and next on stage are Wheel, a four piece prog metal band all the way from Helsinki. 

Getting straight into their set, their intricate drumming and methodical guitar riffs just show how diverse metal can be.

Dark and mysterious, Wheel kept their hoods up to disguise their pale faces on the stage. 

The crowd had now calmed down and having eaten a festival style Sunday lunch they still had the energy to take on board  what was put before them. A carefully put together bunch of tracks that let your imagination run wild.

Vocalist James Lascelles spoke to a spaced out crowd about how this was the first time playing in the UK despite his very English sounding accent.

So far there’s not been a tremendous amount of prog metal on the Sophie stage. But the crowd took the Bloodstock bull by the horns and kept their heads nodding and eyes rolling for more. 

Wheel undoubtedly took you on a warped and mind-bending trip into the afternoon.

Boss Keloid


From Wigan, Boss Keloid set up stage with their unique sound of prog metal. Beastly riffs  and monstrously deep bass lines that make your chest quake, these guys are pros. 

There’s a dark and sinister feel in the air as those slow and shuddering bass lines dominate each and every track. 

The Sophie Lancaster stage tent has gradually got busier during their set and the crowd had now made their way to the front. Some arms are up in the air and pounding to the slower beats in each track whilst others are closing their eyes and letting the music take them anywhere they want.

We’re half way through the bands set to play on this final day of the festival. Everyone is having a chilled time and the weather, despite being totally British, hadn’t stopped anyone in their tracks.



Insense was placed on the PAs ready for the next band to come onto the Sophie stage.

Blackened death metal band Crescent who evolved from Egypt, were greeted with a hazy red-lit stage before turning to the hyrogliphics hanging behind them to pay their respects. 

There sound is like no other with heavily loaded drums and  endless high end riffs that threw the crowd at the front into a dazed and euphoric state. 

Winners of the Wacken Metal festival in Egypt, the sound Crescent are creating is deadly and darker than many other metal genres.

Not for the faint hearted, this band mean business and are showing no signs of stopping with such forceful energy.  Playing since 1999, they deserve respect and they totally got it.



All the way from sunny Spain and up next are four piece band Violblast. With a major act like Cradle of Filth just about to start on the main stage these guys took it on the chin and enticed the crowd to move forward. After the first couple of banging tracks, a few more joined them and  those horns were back in the air. 

Dishing out a thunderous menu of hardcore thrash metal, Violblast were just getting warmed up. Andrea Perez put on one hell of an explosive performance on lead vocals and guitar as Sergio Ruiz laid down tight and weighty drumbeats for the band to latch on to. 

In fact, the first mosh pit of the evening was now in place and the bands fast paced and grizzly riffs was just the job to get it started. Friendly moshing has commenced.

Leaving the last track to one of the guitarists, this band definitely left a lasting impression, leaving you gasping for more.

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