Morning has broken and first contenders of the day are Leicester based band Resin.

A five piece, these guys also have support from a string quartet to create an alternative post-grunge sound. The Sophie stage tent was well attended as many huddled up with their hot coffee and early lunches to line their stomachs for the last day of the Bloodstock festival.

Resin were strong and empowering to get the crowd warmed up and the rain started to fall again. 

A tame start to the day with pretty much a full house. All we need is the sun to show its face so we can start as we mean to go on.


For those who haven’t quite woken up or shaken off that hangover, the next band on the stage will do just that.

Harbinger from London were a complete and utter contrast from the last band. This fresh and technical chaos of metal was something else.  By midday the mosh pit was ready and the crowd were taken in although a bit thinner on the ground. 

A mix of growling and dastardly drumming was on the cards topped by crashing cymbals, mental guitar riffs and erratic tempos. 

A real treat for any serious metalhead who wants their brains blown out. Cracking 

Witch Tripper

Some full on rock this afternoon.

Witch Tripper were on and the Sophie tent was swarming with onlookers like flies around  yesterday’s leftovers.

This friendly three piece from Nottingham were like a full bodied beer – tasty, rich and full of what you love. Their heavy rock combo with some funky fast bass was powerful and hard and showed the crowd that the band were true rockers through and through.

Lots of crowd interaction from vocalist Richie Barlow in between songs as the crowd nodded repeatedly shouting ‘Witch – trip – er’ with their hands in the air. The drums cane thick and heavy and the guitar and bass lines followed suit. 

Sunday afternoon was looking bright and Witchtripper most definitely provided some damn good tunes and entertainment. The crowd bloody loved em.


Served up next on the Sophie Lancaster stage were Solitary to give the crowd an overload of thrash metal all the way from Lancashire.

This 4 man band unleashed their inner strength and let the devil possess their instruments in what can you only describe as a storming headfuck.  These guys were masters in their trade and with 25 years of being together as one of the finest thrash metal bands, their experience shine through. 

Vocalist Richard Sherrington gave the crowd lots of attention and encouraged them to move a little closer so that their eardrums could take a beating. 

An incredible powerhouse of thrash metal, Solitary kicked some serious ass.

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