Bloodstock Open Air 2019 // Ronnie James Dio Stage // Live Review Pt 2


Soulfly chased the rain clouds away with their amazing blend of Funk-Groove, Ceremonial Metal.  There were bubbles ,(there really were) and then there was sunshine!

The crowd were stoked and ready to bounce following the recent downpour where a large number had ducked for cover in the Lemmy’s bar (complete with table water-slides).  It got hotter and brighter as Soulfly worked the crowd in to a clapping, shouting and chanting frenzy..

The band’s cover of the Bob Marley classic  “Get up stand up”seemed to really hit a nerve with the crowd and the sing back was powerful and emotive.

Closing the set with the classic ‘Jump da fuck up’ had the crowd crouching close to the ground until commanded by Max Cavelera to do just that.  The set was alive, wired and only too short. Find out more about the band and their latest album 2018 ‘Ritual’ at:



It’s a good humoured crowd for these dark humoured legends.  Taking to stage just in time for high tea and yet sounding unlike anything granny would want to feed.

“Thankyou it”s always a pleasure to come to the UK. Growls Vocalist Alexi Laihi whilst finishing on  a “Thank you so fucking much!”

With a voiceover launching in to a spooky metal anthem the guitarists join forces on stage and play ‘Platitude’ from their latest 2019 album ‘Hexed’.

There is crowd interaction with a “BloodStock how are yoooouu?”  Countered with audience heckles of “Great thanks, how has your day been?”

Keyboard player Janne Whitman takes every opportunity to air guitar during brief breaks in his own playing as well as headbanging between notes.

There is a large amount of fast and frantic headbanging and crowd surfing amongst the audience with lots of interactive clapping along and the music may not seem out of place in a Cathedral – although perhaps a lot faster and heavier than the usual congregation might be used to!

Bassist Henkka Blacksmith conquers some impressive feats, stood legs wide and arms long.  The sun is back.high on the sky and it is hot hot hot but the breeze continues to blow the stage side speakers and flags along with the music.  The mood is good and the fans are happily satisfied. Find out more about Children Of Bodem at:


The British Prog sensation Tesseract return to Bloodstock once again after a highly successful run of Asian and European dates in support of their highly regarded album Sonder. Having played here in 2008 on the Old Scuzz Unsigned Stage they now return victorious playing the Ronnie James Dio ahead of Powerwolf and tonight’s headliners Sabaton. Their sound is crisp and clear, having spoke with Amos Williams earlier today who explained they have refined their live approach over the years for a consistent setup and hassle free for festival stages, there’s a powerful yet melodic quality which shines through even more so live. Tompkins vocals shine as he changes from guttural roars to melodic and clean harmonies which are the backbone to Tesseract signature sound. As polish as act as you’ll see on the Ronnie James Dio  Stage this weekend. One of the UK’s prog rock gems Tesseract look every part worthy of their slot.

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