Bloodstock Open Air 2019 // Ronnie James Dio Stage // Live Review // Day 2 // Pt 2


Introduced as a monster that has got even bigger and flanked by 2 smoke gun wielding ladies, Evil Scarecrow begin their set to a huge gathering.

With a killer live visual display of ghosts, aliens, robots, astronauts, ufo’s, igloos with eyeballs on stage, giant inflatable purple clams, sharks, and real humans crowd surfing, to be in an Evil Scarecrow audience is a fun experience and quite where else would you find “a beautiful pit full of crabs”?

“How many robots are there out there?” shouts Vocalist Dr Rabid Hell before introducing “12 year old Alfie Wood, clever-little-bastard” to the stage who is fully corpse painted too and plays guitar for their next anthem.  ‘Robotitron’ has the near-entire crowd of metalheads, moving in a 3-part-robot-dance. It’s quite something to witness. For ‘The Ballad of Brother Pain’, DRH suggests attempting setting new record “like crowd surfing to a ballad.”

This band are ALL about fan interaction and they have clearly got a huge and very willing fan base here at Bloodstock today, from instructions such as “Hands up spin around and make fart noises at the end of this song” (‘Hurricanado) to “get your crab claws in the air” and “synchronize scuttle left…scuttle right” (‘Crabulot’) there’s a lite metal-something for both the young and young-at-heart.  

Confetti canons and a short introduction of each band member; Brother Dimitri Pain on Guitar, Princess Luxury on Keyboards, Kraven Morrdeth on Bass and RingMaster Monty Blitzfist on Drums, the band finish their set with a huge applause and a couple of small pyrotechnics!  Find out more about Evil Scarecrow and their latest album ‘Chapter ,IV: Antartarctica at:



A healthy dose of Deathcore is next up for the afternoon Bloodstock crowd.

With a brief rant between songs and inviting everyone to go and live in Australian paradise with him, Vocalist Chris ‘CJ’ McMahon proclaims his love for the UK, just not its weather.  Although he then embraces the sudden strong breeze, side on, with an open shirt, in what he calls his “Michael Jackson Aaaaaaaahhhh moment.”

Having recently released a new album (July 2019)  ‘Human Target’, the band are lively and animated throughout their pounding set as they chug out song after song of powerful substance.

With just a few songs left in their set, the band announce it’s their first time playing Bloodstock and encourage the crowd to “give it up for the whole team.” They also warmly thank their existing fans, welcome new fans to the family and issue a little “Fuck You” to anyone who’s not a fan and doesn’t like them.


Find out more at:




Replacing Code Orange in the eleventh hour, The Wildhearts are clearly stoked to be at Bloodstock and there’s an audience ready to lap up their Hard Melodic Rock.

This band are no stranger to providing quality entertainment and as Ginger and CJ take to the centre stage their grooves cut through the heavy afternoon skies with a blast of bright energy, easing the crowd from afternoon to evening party mood.  Danny McCormacks backing vocals provide the perfect balance to Ginger and CJ during the song ‘Vanilla Radio’ and as Cam – the stand-in Drummer (due to Ritch Battersbys operation) – pounds a constant beat, The rest of the Wildhearts storm their way through catchy numbers from their new album ‘Renaissance Men’ as well as their back catalogue.

For their first time at Bloodstock, the band manage to fill the stage and airwaves with their classic pulse.  “Does anybody who we are?” enquires a playful Ginger before launching headlong into the song ‘Caffiene Bomb’ ‘ just to clear up any misunderstanding.

It’s a punchy set which seems to bring the sun out and by the end they have certainly gained a new selection of smiling listeners.  Find out more at:

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