Bloodstock Open Air 2019 // Ronnie James Dio Stage Day 2 // Live Review // Pt 1


There’s an eager crowd gathered around the main stage for this Extreme Metal opener.  The 5-piece from Northamptonshire are here to shake the sleepy Saturday crowd awake; a Krysthla coffee if you will.  Selecting a song from the first album, vocalist Adi Mayes orders the pit to get moving and it does, Complete with a human sized Yoshi.  Carl Davis plays as much part of stepping up to the front of stage to show the crowd how it’s done whilst remarkably taking full command of the heavy bass guitar line.

With a new album ‘Worldwide Negative’ due for release on 16th August, the band treats Bloodstock to the first track whilst also announcing a limited early opportunity to purchase the album on site (a full 6 days before) especially for the festival goers. Both are welcome sounds to the collective crowd ear.

There is a dedication to the Bloodstock family and stage crew with a fitting chunky performance of the song ‘Make Disciples of the Nation.  For the final round up of the set Krysthla has got “Every fucking head in the crowd banging” and with good reason. Find out more at:


Bounding onto stage it’s as though someone has plugged this band’s vocalist straight into the mains.  Decked out in camo trousers and an Incite T-shirt, Liam Cormier just doesn’t stop moving. It’s a series of leaps, pogos and rampant headbanging whilst the band keeps up perfectly.  Bare-chested (except for the tattoos) Jaye Schwarzer, pounding drummer Mike Peters and Guitarist Scott Middleton bring the fast Sludge Punk whilst LC delivers the Hardcore throat that sets this band so far apart from the rest.  Working the audience like he’s just picked up a corner of the muddy carpet and given it a good shake you can feel the energy levels rising up right the way to the back of the field and a succession of crowd surfers spill over into the front pit area.

Amongst the bands own material there’s a cover of The Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’. “Bloodstock, you guys are fucking beautiful!” States LC whilst admitting he may have not had much sleep himself last night. There are loud singbacks to song ‘Bricks and Mortar’ and the crowd is quite literally bouncing the rain away whilst a tiny slowing of pace has them closing their set with a superb cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ in true Cancer Bats full-on-audience-participation style of course.

As the only main-stage Hardcore act on the Bloodstock bill, it’s a perfect well-timed life-boost.  Find out more at:


With an eerie drone of Gothic chanting and shrouded in hoods, hats or hair this Finnish 6 piece arrive on stage.  Their music conjures a doomy mood that suits the bruised clouds overhead and although dark and heavy, it is a rather gentle and melodic experience.

There is minimal crowd interaction from the band – a few thank yous here and there – but there really doesn’t need to be with this blend of haunting guitars, atmospheric keyboard effects and steady but crashing drumming, the music somewhat speaks for itself.  At times, the sounds reverberate straight into your bones as though they are delivering a message on a much deeper soul-level and the audience appears to be swaying as though part of a hypnotic ceremony, just answering back and raising horns when spoken to with the band vanishing just as quietly and as quickly as they appeared.

For information on their latest album  ‘When A Shadow Is Forced Into the Light and to find out more about the band, head to:

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