Bloodstock Open Air 2019 // New Blood Stage // Live Review // Pt.3

Here we are again, 24 hours on and yet another close to a fantastic day on the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage. A fantastic run of bands across the day and a intense days music, including the awesome Lock Horns whom we followed on our travels through the M2TM heats, Semi’s and Final in Northern Ireland right to here at Bloodstock 2019 and tonights proceedings wrapped up by none other than Masters Call.


Doom Sludge outfit Voidlurker create an atmospheric set with their heavy,gargantuan sounding soundtracks that reverberate throughout the New Blood Stage. An equally atmospheric looking crowd gather to be consumed by their monstrous riffs, if Doom is your game, Voidlurker are for you.


These guys are one of the first bands I’ve seen that really have a cohesive and polished sound that you could say these guys are the next big thing. A seriously powerful performance that separates them from the chasing pack but with the mighty Lock Horns up next they will have some serious competition. By far one of the best bands to grace the New Blood this weekend – hailing from Coventry Djinova are a band to watch.

Lock Horns

Northern Ireland’s M2TM winners take the stage following a quality performance from Djinova, with weather issues hampering Cradle OF Filths Main Stage appearance the crowds are growing restless. Lock Horns provide the perfect shelter to anyone craving a little chaos. These groove Metal maestros are heavy on the riffs via Junior and with savage vocal delivery from Alex Da Costa it’s a powerful proposition here at New Blood. The tent is now packed and LH have the crowd they were hoping for. Their strong song writing and passionate performances always turn heads, mesh that with a technical ability from bass player and drummer and you have the finished article. Gauging by the response in the tent LH won over an army of abs and were one of the few bands to have a crowd moshing to their beat.

Masters Call

Closing the New Blood Stage tonight are Masters Call, a brutal death metal band who’s 3 track EP is making serious waves across the scene. They carry a serious presence on stage and their pummelling riffs and presence offer something different to a lot of the usual NB bands. Once again main stage halted by weather has the NB packed to the rafters and deservedly so MC are a band to take note of.
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