Bloodstock Open Air 2019 // New Blood Stage // Live Review // Pt.2

Reaper X

Hailing from Corby, Reaper X took to the stage to superb crowd response. Clearly, these boys have deserved their spot on the New Blood Stage and were going to own it. The band’s biography tells us they are classic thrash metal with a new twist .. never a truer statement was made. Scott’s vocals sound huge on the bloodstock pa and he is ably backed by a tremendous noise from his fellow band members. The band were seriously at home up there and as the set finished the crowd gave them the appreciation they deserved.

Scars Of Remembrance

Scars of Remembrance represented North Wales and should be proud of their achievements. Their facebook info tells us they mix the melodic with the bone-crunching.. And yep that’s exactly what we were treated to. Dan and Mark’s guitars weave an intricate yet brutal melody, whilst the vocals and bass brutally assault the senses. They pulled in a great crowd who showed them the appreciation they deserved. Welcome back, fellas ..

Grief Ritual

Sadly for Grief Ritual, the New Blood faithful went across to the Main Stage to see alumni Evil Scarecrow, however for those that stayed .. boy did we get a treat. From the South West, we were treated to some serious death grooves and some stellar bass faces. Hats off to these boys who gave a great performance despite the smaller crowd.


Thrashtastic – Vokuntas hit the ground running at 3 pm with a kick-ass set that wakes up the NB stage once again, duelling vocalists one old school and the other with deep guttural style vocal fused together well to create a sonic pummeling from a pretty tight four-piece. The guys bring their a game with a highly energetic and passionate performance that draws in the crowd from outside in no time.

Empire Warning

Are an absolute beast of a band and they have those new Blood crowd whipped up into a frenzy, old school esque thrash riffs infused with a more contemporary twist and gritty sound make them a great watch, the animalistic performance of the drummer on the double bass drums was a highlight for sure.


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