Golden Core

So I kinda had to have a double take when I walked into the pit of the New Blood, I could hear the deafening guttural vocals across the PA with no vocalist in sight. Just what looked like a kid thrashing on a telecaster to my right only to look up and catch the drummer another young lad screaming into a mic while playing drums aka The Phil Collins of Death Metal !!! Loved it! These two crazy mo go’s doing their thang and at such a young age are a great inspiration all anyone who ever doubted the M2TM or the New Blood Stage was anything other than genius !!! Well played people! Well played !!


Female fronted band / these guys can rock with some serious riffs thrown at the n b crowd, front woman stands up on a small platform oozing class as she wails and scares her way through a savage set. The crowd is quite sizeable and the tunes are going down well with the masses. It’s a heavy rock metal vibe with a contemporary twist and a welcome change in the NB stage which this year has been heavy on the Black,Death Metal front.

Lead Robot

So here we have our 1st laptop on stage making its debut at The New Blood Stage for 2019, taken 3 days but someone is living in the now and that person is A certain Lead Robot. Samples fused with angst ridden vocals and hefty guitar riffs provide and audible experience to bend the mind. These guys are heavy, hard and tight.


Screamy, shouty, madness. Chaos ensues and a wall of Blackened Death Metal enveloped the New Blood Stage once again, a hefty weight of distortion and attitude seeps from every pore of this band. I feel dirty just watching it, or maybe that’s just the mud. Either way I’m sacred. Hold me.

The Lazy’s

High octane band The Lazys have the pleasure of wrapping up proceedings on the New Blood Stage tonight ! Displaced due to the inclement weather yesterday the lads are in fine form raging across the stage as they lay down a powerful performance worthy of any headliner on any stage. These guys can rock in their sleep and make a powerful proposition live! Their energy levels are through the roof as the New Blood gets a taster of what a first class act can do. A blistering delivery wraps up day 3 and the final full day on the Hobgiblin New Blood Stage for 2019.

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