Bloodstock Open Air Festival // Sophie Lancaster Stage // Day 1 Pt.2


So following on from todays revelries we have the PM section of The Sophisticating Lancaster Stage with yet more lethal bands in tow it was going to be one hell of a night.

Bong Couldron were a mid afternoon three piece British metal band who gave a grunge kinda feel for their set. 

As the heavens opened the Sophie stage filled up quickly much to the bands entertainment. These Yorkshire lads apologised for their bad language and spoke about their fave alcoholic beverages and crisps whilst the PA pounded with ground shaking bass. Slower tracks than their predecessor but plenty of guitar riffs to get your teeth into and make your heart rumble. But despite being after lunch, the crowd were hungry for more and more. Their guitarist Kept the crowds attention with his gravelly accent and kept the momentum going throughout the set with guest vocalist joining in for a track and a head bang. Perfect for a Friday afternoon with a cuppa.

Deep into the afternoon and the crowd in the Sophie tent became pretty thin on the ground. Perhaps some were having an afternoon nap or getting back out in the fresh air and sunshine after the torrential downpour during Bong Couldrons set.

Damnation Hammer were up on stage laying down some hardass tracks with damning guitar solos that made your hair wilt in the heat. It was obvious that these guys had some serious experience under their belts and their presence almost had a slight calming effect on the crowd in between thick and tasty guitar riffs and mind bending drums. 

Finishing their set with ‘Hammers of War’, the drums picked up and a battle of guitars commenced centre stage. As their set came to an end the crowd were invited to raise their fists and to bring them down on the Hammers of War. This is metal at its finest.

Next were Karybdis on the stage who jumped full force into their set with crazy drums and bellowing lyrics. The vocalist spent most of his time front stage throttling the mic that he held close to his mouth with both hands, pacing erratically back and forth. 

A cracking start to the early evening line up.

This 5 piece metal band were fast and furious and drew in the crowd with no qualms. There is no doubt that without earplugs your eardrums would bleed and drain the blood from your scull with the sheer power they expelled from that stage. And at a time of the afternoon Karybdis most certainly got the crowd frothing at the mouth with excitement. 

Sulphur were a different kettle of fish as they came onto a smoke infested stage. The crowd were already hyped up from Karybdis whereas Sulpher took things to another level. Dastardly and course, this band were here to put their mark on the Bloodstock map. With their final song being a rendition of Marylin Mansons 

‘Beautiful People’ the mic was launched into the front row of the crowd and was grabbed with fury and excitement as a couple of fans took on the challenge of chanting the vocals whilst the vocalist ripped it up on guitar. A fleeting set but damn well worth it.

As the evening sets in, Countless Skies hit the Sophie Lancaster stage to give the crowd a taste of their melodic death metal. Everyone seems to have dispersed into groups within the crowd but they were all there with one thing in common – to get stuck into the  night, buy another beer and let their hair down.

Countless Skies were set amongst a smoke filled stage and had the crowd in a trance no matter what age. They were drawn in and were reminded of the reason behind the stage name.  RIP Sophie Lancaster. Hope you’re looking down on us and enjoying the show.

Last but not least before a well earned break in the Sophie Lancaster stage is non other than Raging Speedhorn.  The stage is now busting with fans for this much awaited band who are lively from the start. Punch after punch they knock out some of their heaviest tracks to the crowd who lap up every drop of sound as the evening gets into full swing.

With two vocalists both peering over the stage monitors, the crowd form a tight bond at the barrier as some decide to dive into the pit the other side feeling totally immortal as they’re carried out by a flock of security. 

Bong Cauldron’s Vocalist took the opportunity to work the crowd into a frenzied state by hurling the mic into the front row before he climbed onto the barriers. Like a pack of gnarly hounds, those at the front squeezed together to try get a piece of him. 

The night was drawing in as Raging Speedhorn do exactly what it says on the tin.  Their hour set flew past as the crowd surfing also picked up speed.  

All in all, this band know how to fucking party hard and the crowd loved every god damn moment

It’s hard to believe but day one is a wrap, Grand Magus bring us to a close at the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock 2019 on day one, Rock infested riffs delivered by a tasty trio, old school approach and harmonising vocals make for an upbeat and highly entertaining ending to Friday. There’s a Thrash-esque vibe to their style meshed between Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Early Deep Purple. It’s pretty freaking cool! Wailing vocals reminiscent of the great Glenn Hughes and all delivered with a highly melodic twist, throw in a couple of sexy guitar solos and I’m sold! These are some pretty cool cats and well worth staying up past my bedtime to see! Alas all good things must come to an end and Friday night shall soon be Saturday and that’s a whole other day, and a day packed full of majestic bands. Bring it on!


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