Four very different bands gathered together for yet another enthralling nights debauchery once again at Voodoo Belfast. We are starting to get towards the business end of the competition and places in the semis are dwindling fast. Tonight two more would progress and all is up for grabs. As always hosted by James Loveday and the mighty Distortion Project.


A very different equation for the M2TM Heats with a Symphonic Metal band hitting the stage for the first time in the competition, now to see how they go down with the Voodoo crowd. Ravenlight have Rebecca Feeney on vocals and she offers a totally different perspective with a more melodic and almost classical vocal style. Their music is a hefty thunderous style fused with melodic vocals and which are well delivered by Rebecca. The band is on form as they pummel their way through their set, each song is highly engaging and are going down well with the Voodoo faithful. They certainly would fit in well at the New Blood stage at Bloodstock, there were more than a few Melodic / Symphonic bands represented last year and they all offered a nice break from the norm. A great start to the evening.

Victim Royal:

Back again for a second crack at the whip Victim Royal make a really purposeful start with two savage opening tracks, with their front man firmly planted to the floor with real intent. This quintet means business and business is good. Their banging two openers is followed by a hefty instrumental, controversial choice perhaps but the crowd seem to dig it. These guys clearly want it, there is no doubt about that, the energy coming off the stage is infectious and there is a sizeable crowd gathering up front and centre. As they wrap up proceedings, guitarist becomes bassist and their front man stand centre stage to deliver a passionate angst ridden performance to close their set. The gauntlet has been thrown.

Rosco’s Riot:

Hard Rock is the name of the game here as Rosco’s Riot hit the stage, the trio provide a tight unit and slamming riffs to grab your attention right away. Their sound is a fusion of Southern Rock and Grunge with a hefty dose of Zakk Wylde thrown in as they bang out track after track with great aplomb. Their set is colossal sounding riffage and wailing guitar that is a change in direction once again from the previous bands, once again throwing a spanner in the works and making it a tight heat as each band offers their own unique take and style. A really solid and polished performance went down well and I’m sure provided a few more nerves for those taking part in tonight’s proceedings.


Clearly these guys want this, travelling all the way from Limerick is a statement in itself. They get stuck right in with a no holes barred performance, passion, angst, fury they have it all in abundance. Kicking off with an instrumental intro shows off the slick interchange between the trio, intricate drum patterns and gargantuan riffs are the order of the day. Both bassist and guitarist offer a behemoth wall of distortion that pulls the remaining onlookers closer and closer to the stage with every thrash of the strings. There is as much passion and hunger coming from the stage as I have seen all night as these guys fight tooth and nail for a place in the semi’s. They mix up their set and create a challenging set that makes it’s mark on the night, how will the chips fall?

Well done to all involved, a really tight set and a tough call and close result.

As it is Ravenlight & Victim Royal successfully qualified and move onto the next stage, well done to both for a solid performance.

Heat 5 takes place once again at Voodoo Belfast on march 22nd.

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