Tonight see’s no less than five big hitter banging it out for a place in the Semi Final’s of this year’s Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Heat. It’s a Rock-tastic affair with all these bands sharing a love of the good old-fashioned Rock ‘N’ Roll. The Distortion Project once again plays host and Voodoo Belfast the hallowed ground on which battle commences.

8:30 kick off time once again and first up is Wild Heat, the Belfast band have a love for all this 80’s Rock and it comes across in a strong start to the competition with a tight performance and high energy performance on stage. The guys are giving it loads and the crowd are responding in kind, punchy tracks and strong vocals make for a quality performance all round. The guys wrap things up with a banging tune and are well received by the Voodoo faithful who acknowledge a fine start to the evening.

Check them out here:

Up next is Delusional Silence, with an early Iron Maiden vibe with a taste of Psychedelic Rock via Judas Priest they get stuck right in. Their music is intriguing with flamboyant guitar work, So much so their lead guitarist feeling it launches himself into the crowd to enjoy the craic. The was obviously a sizeable crowd here for DS and they were giving it loads with each song played. A pretty tasty set lifted the room once again, both bands have made their mark. Check them out here:

Divides Unfold take the middle slot of tonight’s competition, right away you know these guys have their shit together. A far more cohesive sound and tighter all round feel immediately separate them from running pack. A really dynamic and vibrant sound, with plenty of commercial appeal, yet hefty enough to make the hairs stand on the back of your neck. Great vocal delivery and with a frontman confident enough to put down his axe and stand centre stage and still pull it off for their second number, you know they have the quality within to make their mark on this competition. Check them out here:

Periapt take the stage next. They offer a pretty hefty sound that wavers between Sludge / Doom and Prog at times and with a female bassist slamming stage right. Nice to see in a male dominated competition so far, Periapt offer and intriguing sounding set but possibly not as tight as some of the previous bands during transitions and breakdowns in the songs. A band with real potential the crowd dug their sound and pushed them on to give it their all. Check them out here:

Like A Hawk wrap up tonights’ competition, taking the stage at 11:30 it’s been a wait for the guys to do their thang and a few shandies were enjoyed throught the evening.

These guys had a real old school Rock ‘N’ Roll feel that they revelled in, a tight performance and feel good factor was evident on stage. The guys who were finalists in the Bulleit Bourbon Battle of the Bands offered a solid performance that went down well with the modest crowd now left in the room. Would it be enough?

Check them out here:

As it was turned out Divides Unfold, Delusional Silence and Wild Heat took the 3 slots for the Semi Finals. Well done to all who took part and of course James Loveday and the Distortion Project / Voodoo Belfast for hosting another great night.

Heat 4 takes place Friday March 15th at Voodoo once again.







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