A mouth-watering line up sees a hefty collection of big hitters in tonight’s second semi final. On paper it’s a seriously hard one to call as each band have a substantial following locally, and they’re out in force tonight. We’re once again at the hallowed ground of Voodoo Belfast hosted by James Loveday and The Distortion Project.




Ketos are one of the premier Metal acts around Northern Ireland up and coming scene, they deliver each and every time they play and tonight was no exception. Opening up just meant one thing the bar was set high. As expected they nailed a seriously strong performance, on point with blistering guitar work, solid vocals and a back line that delivers every time. Harmonising guitar work meshed with thunderous riffs and melodic and powerful song writing makes a serious impact and immediately throws down the gauntlet to the following bands and has the crowd baying for blood.





Left field from Ketos, Towers have an identity all of their own. Anarchy and chaos ensues as they spue out their dystopian take on Metal, experimental, disjointed yet crazy beautiful, Towers are a force to be reckoned with. From their commanding vocals to their highly engaging song writing they challenge the audience from the off with hard hitting evocative songs. A powerhouse performance once again makes them hard to ignore and with only two bands down its anyone’s game tonight.


Victim Royal:



As stated previously Victim Royal returning from their 2018 run in M2TM are this years most improved band, clearly they took on board the experience from last year and ran with it, translating it into solid cohesive performances from their heat and once again into tonight’s semi final. Tonight they look hungry yet relaxed, they guys are smiling from ear to ear at the sizeable crowd in front of them many sporting VR T-shirts and they’re loving every minute of it. A solid set packed with serious riffage, Victim Royal could well be the surprise package of tonight’s proceedings.


Wild Heat:



Wild Heat pulled themselves out of Heat No.3 alongside Delusional Silence and once again put in a solid Hard Rock performance from the off. A band that lives form the live performances they light up the stage with a solid and engaging performance. A strong front man and stable backline means they don’t disappoint. Catchy tracks that make you want to sing-along and get up and Rock out too, the room clearly is digging their vibe and feeling the performance.


Lock Horns:



Closing tonight’s proceedings are the mighty Lock Horns, as with Ketos, Lock Horns for many will be one of the bands to beat in this years competition. Last years finalists they have upped their game substantially and offer the complete package. Front man Alex Da Costa is once again like a caged animal as they await the green light to go, he’s pacing the stage awaiting the thrash of that first riff. As with their Heat Performance the intensity is through the roof. Even though their set is last, kicking off at 11:30 there is a sizeable crowd still in the room and they are up front and centre giving it all with the band. The riffs are gargantuan, the vocals to match and the backline deliver with equal intensity and potency it’s a sight to see. The room is going nuts and as the second semi draws to a close it will be an interesting result fand a tough one to call for sure.


It was one hell of a night; five quality bands that made their mark on the competition and who each brought a different element to tonight’s performance. As it is all-good things have to come to an end and three from tonight’s heat will make it through to the Final in May.

Congratulations to Ketos, Victim Royal and Lock Horns who progress to the final and to Towers and Wild Heat for stellar performances on the night. The last semi takes place once again at Voodoo on April 12th and will see the final slots allocated.





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