Unbelievably we’re here, the road to the final has run it’s course and tonight Voodoo Belfast and The Distortion Project once again hosts the last of three semi-finals, which separate the men from the boys.

Tonight we see four bands (one of which is a wildcard winner) fight for the final two places in this year’s final to be held in May. A mixed bag of styles will make for a challenging evening separating their performances and will head rule over heart in the minds of the voters.


Elder Druid: https://www.facebook.com/elderdruidband/


First up are Elder Druid, Stoner Rock and Doom at it’s finest. A solid and polished outfit Elder Druid are seasoned performers now always on the move. This shows in their delivery, which is confident and purposeful as they slam out their hefty laden riffs dripping in their signature style, which is well received by the Voodoo faithful. They slip from one song into another with ease and beat out thunderous song after another making a powerful statement of intent.


Saturnine: https://www.facebook.com/saturnineband/


Returning once again this time via the wild card vote Saturnine had a following in the room to help bring the noise. A mix of Rock, Grunge, Fuzz and Doom has the lads in fine form and enjoying their chance at a stab at the final. Clearly up for it they’re giving it all they’ve got but I feel it’s maybe a year too soon for them, compared to the bands who have made it to the final thus far Saturnine maybe haven’t quite hit their stride as yet, give them another 12 months or so and the pieces will fall together nicely as they have a strong foundation to build on.


Divides Unfold: https://www.facebook.com/dividesunfold/


A different kettle of fish altogether Divides Unfold offers a seriously solid Heavy Rock and Metal vibe that is cohesive and polished. From the off you know they’re here with purpose and immediately they turn more than a few heads. Hefty riffs with big melodic hooks make them a powerful proposition. A minor setback as their guitarist breaks a string doesn’t stop them from breaking their stride as a quick swap means the riffs continue, rapturous applause at the end of each song confirms their set is going down well.


S.L.U.T.S: https://www.facebook.com/slutsband/


So Long Until The Séance wrap up tonight’s proceedings, an 11pm start doesn’t deter the crowd from staying on. The crowd gathers front and centre of the stage as this quirky bunch prepare to unleash unholy hell, from the crazy as guitarist wearing his sisters trousers to the goth/emo tastic vibe these guys bring a lil’ drama and cinematic quality to the evening and wrap up the last semi final with a bang. A fantastic performance once again by a bunch of mentalists, well worth checking out. Huge sounding songs that you can and want to sing along too, will it be enough to see them through?


As the evening draws to a close it is hard to believe that we have this far already, some fantastic performances have solidified the final line up and two more tonight will add their quality once again to a collection of bands who represent the heavy hitters for the up and coming bands of the Northern Irish Metal scene.


Tonight Divides Unfold & Elder Druid takes the final two slots ensuring the final will indeed be a one not to miss. Voodoo Belfast and The Distortion Project will once again host and the M2TM faithful will be out once again in force to support their chosen bands. The Final takes place May 17th. Be there or be square.



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