Bloodstock // M2TM Heat 2 // Voodoo – Belfast

As Minor Inconvenience had to drop out of tonights event (feels like a MAJOR INCONVENIENCE to me – I’m here all week folks) tonight’s heat was reshuffled and now four bands will compete to the death  and by the death I mean 11;30 ish on a cold Friday night once again at

Voodoo Belfast.

The home of M2TM tonight has four new blood’s to the competition so this will indeed be interesting as you generally know the talent on show and can kinda get a feel for how things could play out, not the last heat though. A surprise indeed with Archives & Blurred Reality stealing the top slots, I didn’t see that coming myself I just thought the more established bands may have nudged their way through. Not to be and it goes to show how important it is to bring your fanbase along with you to represent on the night. With the house packed out last week and so many new faces in the crowd there was no way to tell who was there for who. 

The Distortion Project proudly presents Heat Two of the #BOA 2022 Metal 2 the Masses competition Northern Ireland.

Competing in Heat Two we have.

12 Gauge Outrage

Gravity Well

Svet Kant




Friday 11th February 2022

Up first is Svet Kant– these guys have been around a while and have accomplished a lot in their time, really refining their sound and creating a soundscape unlike many of the bands on the local scene. It will be interesting to see how their gargantuan sounding multilayered multi-textured tunes transfer to the live stage. When you see an 8 string Ibanez and a Kemper behind him you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. Shizzle is taking a turn and a bass player bounces all over a Digitech Whammy pedal it’s kinda like the bastard child of Opeth and Devin Townsend. Is voodoo ready for such carnage? We shall wait to find out. 

Next up Gravity Well Stoner/Doom groove-laden tracks that reverberate through the floor, they do what they do very well and their approach with a frontwoman on keys deviates from what we would usually see from the genre locally. The vocal range makes all the difference to the overall vibe and elevates the performance to another level. They lay down a solid set for sure and the Belfast faithful dig what they are doing, another hefty performance that will make those present ponder on their voting. 

Traumahound take the stage and to be honest when it kicked off I wasn’t sure if it had started or if it was a soundcheck … turns out shizzle was going down! These guys have a real gnarly ugly feel about them, there is a disjointed vibe about them that makes you feel dirty. Like something out of the Trainspotting soundtrack mixed by a Metalhead. A curious band for sure, if you like your Metal a bit more on the experimental side of things pushing those boundaries then check them out for sure. 

Last up tonight are 12 Gauge Outrage, old school thrash bringing tonight’s proceedings to a close. The guys seem to have a reasonable following in the room so this could be interesting for sure, the bodies on the floor up front are digging the riffs so it could be a four-way split for who’s gonna take this one. They have a sharp, solid sound, the crowd is chanting along and fists and being pumped in the air so for sure they have made an impression on tonight’s proceedings, is it going to be enough? 


A very different night with four very different bands all throwing their respective hats in the ring. 


As always a big shout out has to go to the man himself James Loveday Mr Distortion Project and of course Voodoo Belfast for another great nights craic.


As always I’ve been Mark, You’ve been a pleasure – Till next week.


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** @bloodstockopenair Metal 2 the Masses NI – Heat 3**


Ticket link:

The Distortion Project proudly presents Heat Three of the 2022 Metal 2 the Masses competition Northern Ireland. Bands are not just competing for a chance to win a coveted slot at Bloodstock 2022 this year. There will also be additional prizes to be spread out among the finalists. They are listed at the bottom of this also.

Competing in Heat Three we have.

Imperial Demonic
Insidious Void

Friday 18th February 2022
Doors 8.00pm
Admission: £6.00 (includes 1 voting slip – tickets and pay on the door)

Stage times will be:
Band 1: 8.45 – 9.15
Band 2: 9.30 – 10.00
Band 3: 10.15 – 10.45
Band 4: 11.00 – 11.30

Running order will be drawn at random on the day of the show.
Voting will close at 11.45 and the results will be announced between 12.15 and 12.30..

Two bands from each heat will qualify for the semi-finals, and the judging will be 50% audience vote and 50% judges vote. There will be a panel of 3 judges comprised of local journalists/sound engineers/other promoters and/or other music industry folk in Northern Ireland. Punters will be given voting slips as they enter the venue and asked to score points to the bands in descending order, by writing in the boxes on the voting slip.

4 points for the band you want to finish in FIRST PLACE,
3 points for the band you want to finish in SECOND PLACE
2 points for the band you want to finish in THIRD PLACE
1 point for the band you want to finish in FOURTH PLACE
An x or tick beside the band you want to win to will NOT be accepted and these votes will NOT be counted!!


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