Bloodstock LIVE // VEXED // Sophie Lancaster Stage


Holy Shit Vexed are in the house and are taking no prisoners! Like caged animals they came outta the traps like they are fighting for their lives! An absolute killer energy in the Sophie tent and right from the off the mosh pit is in full swing! No lazy Sunday afternoon here but a barrage of down tuned goodness, thundering bass lines, guttural vocals and punishing double bass lines that shake the floor. 

Crazy as fuck! But I love it! Bring on the Noise!!!


VEXED are prepared to enter the arena of progressive modern metal with hyperfocused brutaliy and street credibility. The UK-based band present Megan Targett’s vicious vocal assault which blends venomously low growls, soaring cleans and razor-sharp rap-like deliveries and the pure technical proficiency of her bandmates Willem Mason-Geraghty (drums), Jay Bacon (guitar) and Al Harper (bass).


Photography By Emma Painter 

Pacific Curd Photography

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