Bloodstock LIVE // TERRA IV // Sophie Lancaster Stage

Modern metal giants Terra IV decimate the Sophie stage with a blistering array of tracks that offer a really breath of fresh air with their RNB / Hip Hop vibe fused with Modern Metal – you get a guttural vocals fuse with clean melodic chorus and gargantuan sounding slam downs …. Give me more !!!! These guys absolutely nailed it – great performance and ones to watch for sure. 

TERRA IV is a 4-piece band from Milton Keynes featuring former Hacktivist producer/guitarist Timfy James, Veteran MC , and drummer Perry Smith.
Produced and written by Timfy at Old School Studios, their debut single “Hopeless” is a Riff infused, grime shut-down designed to get the blood pumping and internal flames burning. The idea that we all harness the power to turn negatives into something positive despite it looking like there is no escape.
We are looking forward to bringing something totally different to bloodstock this year.
Getting live music back again is vital and we cannot wait to be a part of the mayhem!
Photography Emma Painter
Pacific Curd Photography
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