Bloodstock LIVE // PIST // Sophie Lancaster Stage

Knocking around in Bury since late 2013, Pist have been tearing up Greater Manchester and the wider UK on the regular for the past six years with a no-nonsense approach (musically, at least) to their brand of rock. Sometimes it veers into stoner or sludge, but that anchor of straight down the line rock and metal allows them to run down the gauntlet of everything heavy has to offer as and when they please. Always up for a barnstorming set, be it at The Alma or be it their triumphant 2017 slot at Desertfest, Pist just always bring it. Having been regular punters to the festival over the years it’s always an absolute pleasure to be asked to play what we think is the UK’s best open air festival. Opening the Sophie Lancaster Stage in back 2015 was, and still is one of our fondest memories during our time as a band. To come back 5 years later with 2 albums behind us since our last appearance, we feel this time round, we have a lot more to offer. We’re hyped to


Photography By Emma Painter 

Pacific Curd Photography

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