Bloodstock LIVE // KING CREATURE // Sophie Lancaster Stage

Friday 13th and we have King Creature opening up the Sophie stage on a warm Friday morning. Foetal Juice is all over the main stage but the crowd is pouring in for these Hard Rockers. There’s an old school vibe about KC – harmonising guitar work and gnarly riffs make you stand up and give them your full attention. The guy’s tracks are packed with intricate tempo changes married with pummeling drums and a thumping baseline that holds it all together. Their opening track blows the cobwebs off the Crowd who now have been here for a day and a half already, but shizzle gets real from today onwards and King Creature is bringing their A-Game to BOA21. In your face, balls-out Rock for the masses, it’s easy to see why these Marshall Records artists have garnered such a reputation in such a short time.


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