Bloodstock LIVE // INTERNAL CONFLICT // Sophie Lancaster Stage

Modern metal mayhem in the Sophie tent This morning as Internal Conflict open up the stage to a battered and bruised Bloodstock faithful on the last day of this years festival. It’s always a tough gig being the opener on any stage but the last day of the festival when everyone’s burnt out …. No hassle to these lads as they take it in their stride. A cacophony of slamming riffs, killer vocals and high energy songwriting reminds everyone that we are in for one more killer day! Bring it on!! 


Life is hard, but so say we all.
This is our escape from the everyday. Our reaction to the physical and mental stressors that we carry on our shoulders. That new normal kicking us down the road, doing its best to break us. But we are not alone in this, and we are sharing our side of the story.
Internal Conflict are a group of friends who found their paths merge whilst touring the great and wonderful toilet venues of the UK, and this seemingly ever-lasting pandemic has given us a new appreciation and determination to continue with our passion.
Whether it’s playing in front of a single metal-head 100 miles away, or to the 3000+ inside the
Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock Festival; It’s all the same for us, and our desire to deliver everything in our live performances never changes. Creating a sound that has grown out of Thrash, Metal, Death, and hardcore. We’ve developed our own vibe in every direction we see, evolving from all out heaviness to expressing ourselves through melody, and the quiet dark spaces that draw from other genres.
Our latest album “APORIA” is a balance of all of these things. The story of our journey to where we are now, the sum of our being, our place in the scene, and the reason we do this despite the hurdles we all face.
We are honoured and delighted to have been offered this chance to play bloodstock. after a few years of upheaval, to finally be back on track and a part of the festival is fantastic. Bloodstock has always been home for us and we couldn’t be happier to be back. This means a lot to all of us.
This is Internal Conflict, and it’s us against the world.
Adam Kyle – Vocals
Sean Rice – Guitar, Synth
Matt Hall – Guitar, Vocals
Dan Laffar – Bass
Chris Bentley – Drums


Photography Emma Painter

Pacific Curd Photography

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