Bloodstock LIVE // DEIFIED // Sophie Lancaster Stage


Deified up the stakes on the Sophie Stage with a heavier more Brutal sound than the melodic vibes of King Creature. That’s the beauty of Bloodstock, you always get a mixed bag of bands to break up the monotony of a stage of only one genre. Some may like that but personally I dig a festival that offers choice and Bloodstock are the master of that. 

Deified are absolutely slamming it, it may only be 12 o’clock in the day but the savagery coming off the Sophie Stage is face-melting! Four full-stack Marshall’s and a hefty P.A. System are knocking out their wall of distortion to ensure nobody is gonna miss a thing here. I’m standing at the back of the tent taking it all in, and I can still feel the air move around me. Gotta love the smell of Metal in the morning! 


Photography: Pacific Curd Photography

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