Bloodstock 2021 Live // Therapy

Another band celebrating a milestone in their careers is Therapy? who have been going for over 30 years now. As they take to the stage next, the 3 piece band from Northern Ireland are bringing the energy. With a career spanning over 15 albums, the band play a collection of songs that cover this period including “Trigger Inside” from the successful 1994 ‘Troublegum’ album which the crowd go wild for. During the pandemic the band also released a ‘coping song’ with “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” and as they perform this, they continue the running theme of the weekend which has seen many of the bands actively promote and support mental health. The crowd really gets behind this as they sing along taking no notice to the rain which has started to come down now. Overall Therapy? are such an entertaining band to see live and have continued the party today.

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