Bloodstock 2021 Live // Skindred // MainStage

The arena is full of excited fans as the crowd gets ready to welcome back Skindred to the main stage. Having performed a killer set at the Download pilot already this year and with a UK tour on the horizon, this is a band who are ready to perform to a live audience and give it all that they’ve got. With their unique blend of metal, hip hop and reggae, they have managed to hit a perfect balance over the last 20+ years that appeals to all fans of rock and metal music.

As the time comes for the band to play they are led onto stage by Darth Vader to his theme getting the crowd excited for what’s to come. The band quickly breaks straight into playing to the rammed stage area and arena and those who had been camped out in chairs were now on their feet, ready to throw themselves into the music. The band are full of ferocious energy and get the crowd to join them bouncing about and singing along. This is a group who really know how to tear a stage up and put on one hell of a performance which you can’t help but get involved in, not that you have much choice with the way that Benji Webbe commands you. For anyone wanting to know what makes a good front man then they just need to watch 5 minutes of Webbe on stage as he gets the crowd to do whatever he says, whether that’s a call back or jumping around. The whole band however are entertaining to watch as they have mastered the art of performing and making the audience an integral part of this. This is what live music is all about and it feels so good to be home!