Bloodstock 2021 Live // Saxon // MainStage

It’s almost time for us to see our headliners however we have one more set before this and to introduce them to the stage it’s the legend that is Brian Blessed!

Greeting the crowd, the area goes wild for the acting icon as he quotes his most famous catchphrase “Gordon’s Alive!” and blesses Saxon, England and St George. With a chant of Saxon he welcomes them to the stage.

This is another special performance today as Saxon headlined the very first Bloodstock and they have been warmly welcomed back 20 years later as they celebrate 40 years as a band. A montage of images plays on the screens showcasing the band’s career before they come out and kick things off with “Motorcycle Man”. It’s at this point that the heavens open however this doesn’t deter the crowd as they rock out with the leaders of NWOBHM. Biff Blyford proves he’s charismatic as ever as he works the crowd who are loving every second of this performance. The band has a whole are on point tonight as they play through a selection of greatest hits spanning their whole career and have the whole arena rocking away. Saxon give us a killer performance but then do we expect anything less from these metal legends.

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