Bloodstock 2021 Live // Orange Goblin // MainStage

Having played the very first Bloodstock festival, it seems only fitting that Orange Goblin celebrate 25 years as a band by joining the celebration of 20 years of Bloodstock.

As they take to the stage next, the buzz of excitement to see these guys can be felt throughout the crowd. With their old school brand of metal that harks back to the days of Black Sabbath and Motorhead, these guys have perfected their sound over the years and their live performance is no different. The shredding guitars and killer riffs blended with frontman Ben Ward’s gravelly vocals and the driving beats make these guys so incredible to hear live. With only one lineup change throughout their career, these guys play as a cohesive unit and know how to get a party going and today is no exception they have the crowd jumping around, clapping along and banging their heads.

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