Bloodstock 2021 Live // Malevolence // Main Stage

Ready to bring back the hardcore metal, Malevolence is ready to tear up the stage.

Over the last 11 years, the band have grown from strength to strength as they have released albums, toured the world and even created their own record label MLVLTD Music. After their highly acclaimed show at the Download Pilot, the crowd are ready and eager to see these guys play today.  Despite the rain coming down, the crowd still comes out ready to let loose with the band and as soon as they are on stage, they get a circle pit going. Another band with two vocalists, the change between Alex Taylor’s more throaty sound and Konan Hall’s deeper singing style, means that they are a band who appeal to a wide audience and the combination elevates the band’s driving sound. This energy-driven performance provided by the band today is the perfect fit for today’s lineup as they keep the crowd moving with the biggest circle pit the weekend has seen so far.

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