Bloodstock 2021 Live // Kreator // MainStage

Saturday is almost over however there is one last band ready to tear up the stage and its headliners Kreator!

As the first stop on their ‘The Demon Unleashed’ tour, the Hordes in the crowd are ready to let go and immerse themselves in the show these thrash metal legends are known to deliver.

With the fire pits lit on either side of the stage, the band enter and kick things off as further flames and pyro shoot from the front and back of the stage. The crowd goes crazy though as “Extreme Aggression” is played as the pit goes mad and crowd surfers make their way to the front. The excitement doesn’t stop there though as smoke cannons go off, streamers are lauched and the backdrop keeps changing. The crowd are clearly having a great time watching these guys play as chants of “Kreator” sound across the arena and fists pump in the air. The band themselves are in excellent form as they smash through song after song creating a frenzy in the crowd. When “Satan is Real” is performed by the band, the whole crowd sings along now in the full throes of letting go and rocking out with the legends on stage. From this point on there is no holding back as the set continues giving us hit after hit as the flames light up the stage and show continues.

For a Saturday night is there anything better than headbanging to some thrash metal at Bloodstock!

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