Bloodstock 2019 // Resin // Hard Rock, Post-Grunge, Alt-Rock BandTalk To Rock ‘N’ Load

Andy From Northern Irish Doom, Death Metal Band The Crawling Talks With Resin, Hard Rock, Post-Grunge, Alt-Rock Band about their set on the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock Open Air 2019.

Resin, with their musical style derived from deep-rooted heavy Grunge inspirations such as: Alice in Chains, Stone Temples Pilots and Seether – to name but a few… After listening to Resin for a short while, you’ll soon realise that there is so much more going on!
The band provides a modern twist to the 90’s Grunge movement – mixing it up to bring something rather unique to the table.
With their refreshing, eclectic approach to songwriting, and vibrant, hard-hitting melodies from the outset sees the band constantly pushing musical boundaries; the goal to truly ‘Resinate’ with you – making you eargasm!2012 saw Resin into their first year as a serious contender on the live circuit – receiving regular airtime on various radio stations around the world, and multiple BBC acoustic session. The band rounded off the year to a capacity crowd at the ‘Embrace The Fall’ debut album launch party.

With the record on sale, 2013 became a very busy year! Behind the scenes, new songs were being constructed and the number of performances were gradually mounting up, with the highlight being invited to play the renowned Bloodstock Festival on the Jägermeister stage – where the audience got to experience the acoustic side of Resin!

2014 had also proved to be a very busy year for the band – playing both the New Blood and Jägermeister Stage at Bloodstock, as well as numerous gigs and events alongside the release of their single ‘Burn’.

In October of 2015, the award-winning, long awaited follow-up EP to Embrace The Fall entitled ‘Persecution Complex’ was released.
This was the end result of months of hard work in the studio that had produced their finest piece of work at the time.
Line-up changes had occurred, and a brief hiatus whilst new members were being pursued and welcomed into the Resin family. With new blood obtained; the energy and chemistry brought with them has taken Resin to new heights of creativity.
Their inaugural gig with the new line-up left people raving about their new sound

Mid 2016, Resin announced new drummer Ryan into the band after the departure of Stu – where the vast array of ideas and musicality continued to elevate.

Almost a year on, 2017 came with a new twist… For Chez’s constant thirst to evolve and for developing that ultimate ‘Resin’ sound, we decided to incorporate strings into the mix, and hence forth Emma was immediately contacted and welcomed with open arms into the band.

That Summer saw the band hitting the studio and working with Neil Hudson (Krysthla) to produce the second record entitled ‘The Cycle of Need’ and was then released almost a year later in July 2018.
The album has received critical acclaim with strong reviews from the likes of Totally Tankered and SonicAbuse.

Summer 2019 saw the release of The Cycle of Need’s follow-up Acoustic EP ‘Stripped of Solace’ and an appearance at Bloodstock accompanied by a string section playing the Sophie Stage – the pinnacle moment of the band’s career to date!

Currently Resin are working on new material – to make you eargasm very soon! Stay tuned…


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