So team Rock ‘N’ Load landed @ our secret headquarters in preparation for #BOA2019 – Press Passes collected and the adventure begins.

What a way to start it, blistering heat and as we park the car and make the long walk to the festival site via VIP you can’t help but be melancholy and romanticise about last years adventure too, but then I have a moment of clarity and remember the pissing rain, the continuously damp tent, the aches and pains and remind myself that 2019 and an Air Bnb is the way to go!

The VIP section of Bloodstock is packed to the rafters as people have gotten in early to land a perfect spot in the camping areas and the bars. It’s around 7:30 when we get through to the main arena area and make our way to the Sophie Lancaster tent.

Footprints In The Custard

Jesus H Christ, this is my first taster and it’s a veritable taste explosion! Chaos ensues and the tent is rammed with revellers as far as the eye can see. Inflatable penises, sharks, unicorns and more are bouncing across the sea of people like the wind carrying that cheap ass plastic bag in American Beauty. These guys rip the Sophie Stage a new asshole supported by a couple of thousand lunatics all with a love for the eccentric. Bravo ladies well played.

Ten Ton Slug:

These Irish Sludge kings are here to take over the Sophie Stage with their Behemoth sound and riff laden songs that test their way through the hungry and enthusiastic Bloodstock crowd who on their first night are ready to party. I’ve seen these guys supporting Black Label Society in a packed out venue in Belfast and they have a commanding presence live, on the Sophie Lancaster Stage tonight at Bloodstock 2019 they look every bit as comfortable playing to a packed out tent that’s here for a rager. No better band to deliver the soundtrack to knock them on their asses, make them stand up and ask for more than Ten Ton Slug as they deliver a brutal battering set that BOA2019 won’t forget in a hurry.

Rotting Christ:

9:45 and a packed out Sophie Lancaster stage erupts to the soundtrack of Rotting Christ’s intro bellowing across the huge speakers … the drums kick in as Rotting Christ take to the stage. The trio of front men perched at the very edge of the stage as a doom-infested riff mesmerises the crowd. Shizzle gets real as they kick into their second track with a hefty track, thrashing guitars and double bass drums pummelling the crowd. Frontman Sakis Tolis has a powerful stance as he bellows out the vocals like an orchestral conductor controlling the crowds every move. These Greek Death Metal maestros churn out an enslaving set that sets the bar high for the weekend ahead, a powerhouse performance that demands your attention and a fitting headliner to wrap up Bloodstocks opener for 2019.

Roll on the weekend.

Photography // Mark Ellis


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