Bloodstock 2018 – The Sophie Lancaster Stage – Sunday August 12th
Bloodstock 2018 – The Sophie Lancaster Stage – Sunday August 12th
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Sunday had arrived and after three nights camping I was broken!!! But today was the last day and everyone was excited about the day ahead with some serious bands on the line up!

Doomsday Outlaw kicked open the Sophie Stage today with a killer set and stage presence big enough to fill the stage form end to end. There was a palpable buzz around the arena with these guys on stage and everyone was gobbling them up in abundance. A first class act to start the day.

About: OUT OF THE PRIMORDIAL OOZE … come DOOMSDAY OUTLAW! A ten-legged Armageddon machine rolling out of darkest Derbyshire, spitting heavy riffs and heavier grooves in all directions. Tales of hope and despair to bang your head to and lose your voice.

Releasing their second album in May 2016 to widespread acclaim (see below), the band have set about perfecting their live show. Effortlessly mixing heavy blues stomp with a melancholy tuneful edge, they recall Clutch, The Allman Brothers, Screaming Trees and Led Zeppelin – to name a few.

Doomsday are looking forward to bringing their brand of skull-crushing mayhem to a venue near you!

Uncured followed, Uncured by name Uncured by nature! These young New York City natives brought a real swagger to Bloodstock with their intense and high energy set. Brutal about their execution, they ripped their way through a majestic and savage set with real gusto that left few in the crown denying the quality before them.

King Leviathan, a sizeable crowd was in place for these young warriors as they took to the Sophie Stage. A real purpose and intent about the band made these young maestros look well beyond their years, effective and killer in their approach they made a real impression on the Bloodstock crowd with a powerful and impressive set.

About:King Leviathan are a four-piece Extreme Metal band and purveyors of misery, ferocity and speed.

Since the cults formation in 2014, their Black Masses in dedication to the Old Gods have been performed at the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2015, Mammothfest 2014, 2015 and 2016, Thrashersaurus Norwich 2016 and 2017, Frankfest 2016 and The Night Before Uprising 2016 supporting Venom Inc., Onslaught, Savage Messiah, Mask Of Judas, Ingested, One Machine, Reign Of Fury, Martyr Defiled and Cambion as well as tours across the UK supporting Spartan, Abhorrent Decimation, Wretched Soul, Oakhaart, Meta-Stasis, Vulgate and Stone Circle.

The doomcult released their much anticipated debut album Paean Heretica through Infernum Records in August of 2017 which has had widespread acclaim as well as nominations for album of the year from Totally Tankered and Metal Gods TV.

There is no light. The age of darkness has come.

Worship The Old Gods.

Alien Weaponry One of the highlights of the weekend Alien Weaponry had a gargantuan following and the text was bulging at the seams. These New Zealanders had a sizeable following who wanted to go bat shit crazy whilst these lads read the riot act on stage. A powerhouse performance from the one of the biggest things in Metal right now and it’s only the beginning of the journey for these lads. The most memorable show of the weekend.

Check out our interview with Henry De Jong over on our you tube channel.

About: ALIEN WEAPONRY is a three piece metal band whose style has been influenced by old school thrash and hardcore.

Members are: Lewis de Jong – Guitar/Vocals; Henry de Jong – Drums; Ethan Trembath – Bass

Sangre brought some old school class to proceedings, hailing form L.A., California they had a world of experience on hand to deliver a killer set that showcases the beauty of Bloodstock and the plethora of bands on hand throughout to entertain the masses. A hefty sounding soundtrack and stellar performance went down well with the crowd.

About: Heavy, Melodic, Death & Thrash influenced Metal band SANGRE was formed in the city of Pomona, California in the summer of 1999.
Since it’s inception the band has accomplished quite a lot and has made their mark on the California Metal scene & beyond.

With over 15 years on the musical frontlines, this band has come to learn that longevity requires the commitment, unmatched work ethic, creative energy, and unshakable determination that is central to their ethos.

Henry “El Sangron” Sanchez – Vocals., Mike Reyes – Guitar., Josh “The Roach” Durante – Drums., Sergio Lopez – Bass.

Underside a band from Kathmandu, Nepal took to the Sophie Stage and decimated it! A fledgling Metal scene in Nepal means these chaotic band of brothers travel the world spreading the word of Metal to all who will listen! Bloodstock was ready and received, a behemoth sound pulled the crowd in had them transfixed. Well worth checking out.

About: Hailing from the burgeoning Asian metal scene, are Nepalese disruptors Underside. Following the near decade long civil war, these Himalayan metal heavyweights came together in 2010 as a loud and aggressive response to the socio-political situation. the four-piece band are one of the biggest & best metal bands Nepal and neighbouring India have ever seen. they have taken their riotous metal to venues across Europe and Australia and this year have plans to conquer The U.S.

Demonic Ressurection from Mumbai, India followed and keeping up the global theme educated and entertained the Sophie Crowd with their style of Death Metal. Having picked up many accolades over the years their wealth of experience ensured a polished performance and had the crowd bouncing for more.

Mantar would follow and this killer German two piece would fill the room with all the gusto of a full band, their highly aggressive style and tight ass performance was a sight to see. With drummer Erinc on a raised platform across from frontman Hanno it was a sight to see! A blistering set and a new album on the horizon ensure a bright future for these two.

About: Two piece monster from northern germany. debut: “death by burning” recorded in early 2013. no fancy art production -> just raw display of power. the half german / half turkish band exists for not even a year.

true battle hymns and sinister sounds of darkness. no gimmicks, no image, pure rage. bone crushin’ like the berzerker’s path. in spite of the fact no bassguitar has been used on the record, MANTAR manages to sound even meaner and heavier than a five piece band due to superior skills in general.Flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doom mayhem.

Act Of Defiance take to the stage and the excitement in the room is palpable, Ex Megadeath guitarist Chris Broderick has a swagger about him as he struts across the stage in between solo after blistering solo. We caught up with bassist Matt Bachand so check out our you tube channel, this though was old school Thrash in its finest form. Tight and beautifully executed it was a joy to see.

Doom experts Pallbearer would be the penultimate band for this evening, hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas and following a string of European and UK dates they would bring a wall of distortion down on the Bloodstock faithful.

How do you follow up that? Well with a band with one of the most notorious reputations in music.


A bulging tent spoke volumes as the gathered masses overcrowded the Sophie Lancaster Stage for one last time, it was the final act of Bloodstock 2018 and for anyone who would brave it Watain were about to take to the stage, as what can only be described as a religious ceremony candles were lit across the stage and then the rear of the stage was set alight to dramatic effect. As the band took to the stage the sense of drama was immense and it truly looked like the Sophie Stage would burn to the ground. It was a sight to see, the music on any level simply provides a soundtrack to a cinematic experience like no other. Time to get the fuck outta dodge and go pray to the baby Jesus for forgivness!

An end to a truly remarkable weekend of first class quality music, it was a testament to all who were involved in arranging such a versatile and fluid collection of artists to engage and entertain.

Roll on BOA2019 !!!

Photography : Mark McGrogan

Mark Ellis

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