Sinocence played The Jagermister Stage at Bloodstock 2018 and we caught up with the lads after to hear about their seventeen year journey together and all things Northern Irish Metal. 

Sinocence are Ireland’s premier Metal act, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The band have just completed a trilogy of EP’s under the ‘No Gods, No Masters’ banner. The official release of “Vol 3” is set for Summer 2018

The Sinocence sound is a veritable tour-de-force in vicious, hook-laden, melodic metal. The band continue to focus on their solid song writing skills and intense rhythm section. With new singer Duane Watson now added the dynamic and energetic sound the public have come to expect from Sinocence will be now be delivered with an added punch. Being based in Northern Ireland, reaching any kind of musical status can be an exhausting task. Undeterred, Sinocence have gone from strength to strength with their collective drive, determination and cast iron will to succeed.

On the live circuit Sinocence have been making one of the biggest noises in the Irish underground. The band have been playing in a thriving Irish scene for over 17 years and have secured endorsements from Peavey and Trick Drums. Now a firmly established staple of the Irish scene the band will once again be looking at live work in the UK and further afield. The band have shared the stage with heavyweights such as Machine Head, Soulfly BFMV, Prong, Lacuna Coil, Soil, W.A.S.P.,Staind and Paradise Lost the list goes on and on. Invaluable experience to learing from some of the absolute best in the business. Sinocence also have gained slots at the UK festivals Bloodstock, Wildfire, headlined the 2nd stage at the Bulldog Bash and travelled to Glasgow to Win their Hammerfest Slot (2014) through the Hard Rock Hell competition.

With the imminent release of “No Gods, No Masters” Vol 3 upon us Sinocence will continue to work hard to get the music out and deliver on the road… see you at the shows!!

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