Bloodstock 2018 - Ronnie James Did Stage - Saturday August 11th
Bloodstock 2018 - Ronnie James Did Stage - Saturday August 11th
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As Saturday comes around it’s time for another day of metal and beer for these Bloodstockers. The sun had graced us with its presence and it was clear to see raised spirits throughout the site as the day began.

Nailed To Obscurity open the main stage with their heavy screaming and screeching guitars. Plenty of fans had already made their way down to get the most out of their day and were all ready to listen, rock and enjoy these guys.

Up next were the Texan metallers Power Trip and of the crowd wasn’t awake yet they certainly were by the end of this set! With body’s crusing across the crowd from start to finish and at certain times in huge waves the security did a great job in making sure everyone came over safely. This bands front man Riley Gale did his job in making sure this crowd had the best and heaviest time possible. With death walls, circle pits and crowd surfers emerging already, this was just the start of what the day would bring.

With the arena now warmed up it was time for Orden Ogan to take center stage. They are the first of they day to get out the pyro which only enhanced their stage show. Described as a mixture of prog and folk metal they certainly deliver and the crowd enjoyed every moment of it. This is a band who play with so much technical talent they are absolutely enthralling to watch.

As the afternoon begins the death metallers Septic Flesh venture out into the daylight. A band who would be more at home in the dark managed to still bring their hellish feel out in their set. The crowd went pure mental for these guys as heads banged, people surfed and horns went in the air.

By this point in the day we’ve seen some folk metal and some death metal and some punk metal but now it was time to take it back to some good old 80s thrash metal with the one and only Venom Inc. Fans in the arena were only too happy to welcome these guys on stage. The band was only too grateful to be on this stage today as they talked about guitarist Jeff ‘Mantis’ Dunn’sbrush with death only 3 months ago. This certainly didn’t slow these guys down though as they played with the same force they have always shown.

Taking the stage next was another type of metal in the form of Combichrist. This German band is a whole lot more than just their music as they blend the theatrics of Wednesday 13 style bands and the sounds of Rammstein. They pulled in the crowd with their huge stage presence, not once did a single member of this band stop moving. With the front man and guitarist leading across the front of stage, at the back both drummers (that’s right two drummers, two kits) and the keyboardist were just as entertaining to watch.

As the evening draws in, it can only mean one thing – it is time for some party metal! Alestorm are up and ready to party, with their inflatable duck taking center stage. As expected from start to end their set was filled with chaos from the crowd. There was inflatables being bounced above the crowd and some large enough that fans were crowd surfing while riding them! Despite the chaos coming over the barriers the security staff were once again superb in making sure everyone hit the ground safely. The band as always played on form and even had special guest Captain Yarrface from Rumahoy join them on stage. It was party pirate metal at its finest and perfect for a pick me up before the night began.

As the sky’s darkened and the rain began to fall, it was time for all those Hawaiian shirts to come into play. Cannibal Corpse were ready to hit the stage. From the moment the band began to play bodies began to come over the crowd and barriers as the fans attempted to break the record for the most crowd surfers at a Corpse show. As for the Hawaiian shirts incase you missed it, the aim was to recreate the classic Ace Ventura dance in the middle of the crowd. The band were on top form tonight as they powered through their set although it was a slight disappointment not to see the band in Hawaiian shirts as everyone else from the crowd to the photographer’s had joined in on the fun. Despite this though they still played one hell of a show!

Tonight’s headliners were the one and only Gojira and this arena was beyond excited for this moment. As the band took stage the crowd errupted and only went louder when the CO2 machines went off towards them. But this was only the first of the bands many stage effects as the set went on and flames and sparks went off throughout. The loudest cheer however came from the fireworks going off in only the third track. The band themselves were undeniably playing at their best tonight and seemed truly grateful to play at the festival. Joe Duplantier took the time to thank these fans for braving the rain and remaining out in order to watch them play. Gojira played a range of tracks but the set was clearly concentrated on their most recent album Magma.It was clear there were some die hard fans out in the audience as they belted out the words and raised their fists in the air. Gojira have honed their talents and seem to know exactly what their fans are after. With track after track sending the crowd into a frenzy with their trusty inflatable whales, it was a sight to see. But the band themselves held you captive as the huge production elevated their performance. It was clear to see why Bloodstock chose these guys to headline tonight as they 100% killed it.


Review Emmie Ellis

Photography Mark Ellis / Shoot The Groove Photography


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