Bloodred Hourglass - Godsend - Album Review
Bloodred Hourglass - Godsend - Album Review 8
Bloodred Hourglass - Godsend - Album Review 8
Bloodred Hourglass - Godsend - Album Review 8
Bloodred Hourglass - Godsend - Album Review 8
Bloodred Hourglass - Godsend - Album Review 8
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Finnish heavy hitters Bloodred Hourglass return with their fourth studio album Godsend and it has been well worth the wait.

The album kicks off with serious intent with its opening track ‘Waves Of Black’ which sets the stall out for this hefty quintet. Glorious riffs, guttural vocals and a powerful backline make for an imposing start to the album setting a high bar, there are beautiful interchanging riffs throughout the number which make for a highly engaging track. ‘The Unfinished Story’ carries on the theme, a banging riff hits you right between the eyes and gets the blood going even before the vocals kick in. ‘Devourer’ is a brutal track, face melting aggression and intensity that is something to get your teeth into, savage guitar work and a glorious melodic hook, what’s not to like?

Godsend showcases just how far Bloodred Hourglass have come over the years, there is a clear progression from their earlier recordings and you can sense the attention to detail here across the album as a whole, this time mixing and mastering was done by Henrik Udd, the man behind such bands as Architects and Bring Me The Horizon, which clearly adds that little bit of “jun et se qua” to proceedings. Godsend is a seriously heavy album filled with melodic charm and great technical prowess that showcases what Bloodred Hourglass are all about, where the years of graft and attention to detail have paid off. The culmination of years on the road honing their craft and the experience that brings are all intertwined in the ten cracking tracks.

Well worth checking out!


Godsend is out now via Out Of Line Records.



  1. Waves of Black
  2. The Unifinished Story
  3. Devourer
  4. Alysia
  5. My Route
  6. Pieces
  7. Ask _ You Shall Receive
  8. August
  9. On My Throne
  10. White Feather



Jarkko Koukonen – vocals
Antti Nenonen – lead guitar
Jose Moilanen – bass
Lauri Silvonen – guitars
Jarkko Hyvönen – drums



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