Black Lion is pleased to welcome Dutch Death Metal group Bloodphemy. Bloodphemy’s members have played in numerous successful Death Metal bands such as Sinister, Pleurisy, Bodyfarm, Houwitser, Khaoz, Judgement Day. They know their shit when it comes to playing Death Metal, writing and recording albums, touring internationally, and are known for creating one hell of a live show. Their new album IN COLD BLOOD will be released worldwide in 2019.

Bloodphemy are ready to take the stages in 2019 in support of their new album the band is already confirmed for:

*Fuck the Commerce – Germany
Březovská Metalová Noc Open Air – Czech Republic
Bloodfest – The Netherlands

To be sure to catch the band live and stay tuned for more news.

Track List

1 Spree Killing
2 Bloodline
3 A Barbarous Murder
4 Mental Atrophy
5 S.P.E
6 Out of the Box
7 Chamber of Horrors
8 Worship Me
9 L’Uomo Delinquente
Get your copy of In Cold Blood via Black Lion Records:
Black Lion Records Website
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