Bloodbox – New Zealand Breakbeat Grindcore Trio Announce New Album “Post Human Disorder”

Bloodbox – New Zealand Breakbeat Grindcore Trio Announce New Album “Post Human Disorder”
Share Music Video For “Eat, Rape, Populate” Via No Clean Singing
New Zealand-based grindcore/power electronics trio Bloodbox will release their debut album “Post Human Disorder” on August 26th via Headwound Recordingz.

Recorded with a vast array of digital and analogue tech, it deploys a triad of vocals that weave tales of pain and injustice, consumerism and overpopulation, personal mental health, corporate control over indigenous assets, etc… Using guitars as texture, harsh stuttering stabs of grind and death meet amen breaks and sub bass head on in a collision of sound. Juxtaposition and tension is created by this clash of abstracted, sampled and manipulated guitars and drums versus rich sub bass drops, doom laden rave stabs and aerial like synth textures.

Mixed by Cam Sinclair (Diocletian, Stalker, Bridge Burner) at Dynamic Rage studio in Auckland, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon, “Post Human Disorder” is now available for pre-order at this location.

A music video for the leading single “Eat Rape Populate” is now playing at No Clean Singing, who commented “The pulverizing detonations don’t follow the straight course of a bombing run but start and stop, shift tempos, and become long, thudding, lo-frequency reverberations. Lots of other fiendish happenings will also throw you off-balance: Pounding grooves and clattering snare-work surface and disappear. Wordless choral voices echo from the depths of crypts. Seething sounds seer the senses. But the main vocals remain as ferocious and unhinged as ever.”

Watch “Eat Rape Populate” video here.

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