“Là-Bas”, the debut full-length album from Swedish black metal newcomers Blodskam is out today via Suicide Records and playing in its entirety at Antichrist Magazine.

You can listen to “Là-Bas” in full here.

The history of Blodskam dates back to 1998 when the two brothers Aghora and Dödfödd decided it was time to put the family madness on public display, but following a long hiatus it was only in 2014 that the two brothers restarted the band and started writing material for their first studio effort.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Misfortune Recorders Studio in Ludvika, Sweden by Johan Hjelm and featuring Kim Filppu from Convivium on session drums, “Là-Bas” displays the artwork of Christoffer Engvall and is set for release on February 6th via Suicide Records.

“The sound is rough and powerful, and also piercing — a pulse-pounding and heady experience that manages to be physically compulsive even as it swirls the mind and entangles the heart.” 

“Là-Bas is a diverse album, moving easily from raw, ripping black metal to slower sections that toe the border of doom.”


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