Announce re-issues of their complete catalogue from 1988 to 2003 The seminal progressive power metal pioneers from Krefeld Germany, Blind Guardian, have announced that their entire back catalogue from 1988 to 2003 will be re-released via Nuclear Blast. Records ‘Battalions Of Fear’, ‘Follow The Blind’ and ‘A Night At The Opera’ are all 2017 remasters, whilst the remaining albums are 2007 remasters – except ‘Live’ which is being released as the original master.

The records will all be available via CD and digitally, which you can now pre-order here:

CD albums from

Digital albums on iTunes:

The records being re-released read as follows: ‘Battalions Of Fear – Remastered’ ‘Follow The Blind – Remastered’ ‘Tales From The Twilight World – Remastered’ ‘Somewhere Far Beyond – Remastered’ ‘Imaginations From The Other Side – Remastered’ ‘Nightfall In Middle Earth – Remastered’ ‘A Night At The Opera – Remastered’ ‘The Forgotten Tales – Remastered’ ‘Tokyo Tales – Remastered’ ‘Live’

With a steady evolution from their early days as a speed metal band to their current, renowned musical alchemy of glory, drama, and grandiosity, Germany’s Blind Guardian have long since made their mark as the world’s definitive melodic/progressive metal band. For many they need no introduction, as the band possesses a track record and back catalogue of classic staples that perhaps only Iron Maiden can match. Called everything from heavy metal bards to modern day minstrels, Blind Guardian possess the ability to transport their legions of fans to new landscapes with their majestic song writing, fantastically themed lyrics, and their meticulous, emotion-packed music.

Founded under the name Lucifer’s Heritage in Krefeld, Germany by vocalist and bassist Hansi Kürsch, lead guitarist André Olbrich, rhythm guitarist Marcus Dork, and drummer Thomen Stauch, the band released only two demos – 1985’s ‘Symphonies Of Doom’ and 1986’s ‘Battalions Of Fear’ – before landing their first record deal with Remorse Records. Inspired by the Fates Warning album, ‘Awaken The Guardian’, band members decided to change their name to Blind Guardian and soon acquired new rhythm guitarist Marcus Siepen. Blind Guardian signed with Nuclear Blast Records in early 2005 alongside welcoming drummer Fredrik Ehmke after possessing the same line up for nearly 20 years. Blind Guardian are: Hansi Kürsch // vocals André Olbrich // guitars Marcus Siepen // guitars Frederik Ehmke // drums

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