Bleed From Within // Ingested // Kill The Lights // Fracture Tour // Live Review // London

Bleed From Within, Ingested, Kill The Lights – Fracture Tour London 2021

It’s Friday night, it’s a cold & bitter evening. So what better than a night of heavy metal to cheer everyone up from the great british weather am i right?

Within the dome in tufnell park is a sold out crowd slowly dripping through doors as the first band of the evening Kill The Lights open the show. They might not be the heaviest band on tonight’s line up but what they lack in sonics they make up for in pure passion.

Merging elements of classic thrash, power metal & few hints of 00’s metalcore Kill The Lights do a great job of blending melody with some great riffing & high octane two step sections.

It may not tick all the boxes for my taste but the band showed huge potential & even just by their opening track “Shed My Skin” they had my feet tapping & grabbed my attention.

Next up we have the slamchester legends that are Ingested.

For me Ingested are the kings of the UK deathcore scene.

I have watched them 100 plus times now & every time they have been the show stealers on all bills. Tonight is a new chapter for the band, following their last album release “Where Only Gods May Tread”.

Featuring at least 3 tracks from the new album all tracks fit perfectly within the set back to back with staples within the band repertoire.

“Impending Dominance”, “Purveyors of Truth”, “Dead Seraphic Forms” all showing why Ingested are top tier & the best at what they do, delivering a performance unmatched. A highlight of the night is always watching Lyn Jeffs the bands drummer who is a machine & is ferocious in the live setting, if you are a drummer, you need to see this guy live.

Half way through the set vocalist Jason Evens tells the band that this song is dedicated to the crowd & this song is for anyone who’s ever felt tread on or used. “The List” shows an even darker side of the band, the pure anger they have for the world & this shows throughout the performance.

We were even treated to a brand new track that hasn’t been released, maybe a new EP or album soon? What I do know is it’s heavy as balls, reminding me of the much older early slam side of Ingested but with the band’s now mature sound. A brilliant delight to cap off a 10/10 performance.

Now for the main event, Bleed From Within.

Admittedly I’ve never been the biggest fan of Bleed From Within or the new wave of metalcore bands. But damn they won me over tonight.

Just by the sheer effort the band had put into their live stage show, a video screen with some of the best video imagery that would change 100 times during a song & would be different with every song. So much effort & time must have gone into creating something like that. You can tell the band means business.

As the lights dim already the crowd are chanting the band’s name, and then the intro hits….

The band takes the stage & the crowd just erupts into a mass of movement.

Something I’m so happy to see after 2 years of no live concerts.

You can tell people have been waiting for the show with bated breath.

“Into Nothing” opens the band set & it already had me won, a catchy sing along anthem just within the first song. I was impressed!

Now for me what put me off Bleed From Within on my first few listens is the melodic vocals within choruses, but in a live setting a can see why they band write these now catchy hooky sing alongs.

Hearing the whole crowd sing along to “This is not a war, it’s a victory” gave me sheer goosebumps.

Going straight into “Fall Away” was a great one two, keeping up the energy & keeping the crowd engaged was nice to see. Also great to see a band love people crowd surfing & the bands crew treating the fans with respect when crowd surfing a stage diving.

This track stepped up the heaviness & was one of my favorites of the set. Featuring a blistering guitar solo that almost melted my face off before being stripped down before a huge bridge / breakdown mosh section. Seeing the pit teared up during this was electric.

About half way through the set the band pulled out “Cast Down” which I think was their most tech / djent influenced track but has become one of my favourites when revisitings the bands music. Hearing it live & now recorded they were able to recreate it spot on & with even more flair & charisma.

Ending the set with “The End of All We Know” was perfect. A track that just like the opener is a fist thumper, head banger with a catchy chorus that had the whole sweaty crowd singing along & crowdsurfing & singing along with the band. This was a perfect way to end the night on the highest merit & seeing everyone leave the show with smiles on their faces, including myself now a believer & fan of Bleed From Within.

Review: Joseph Mitchell

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