Too Loud Records is proud to announce that italian rock combo About:Blank have signed a licensing deal for their upcoming new album “Anthology of a Cave”. The album will be mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Studios (Ferrara, Italy). More info coming soon!
Statement About:Blank
‘This album we are composing and recording perfectly match with our idea of music.
If our first work “Random Rock” is a sort of collection of tracks we composed before the creation
of ultimate about:blank formation, what we are releasing will be more homogeneous for composing approach, sound and themes. This is what we can truly define our first album and it’s going to be a progressive half “hard”, half acoustic with complex and various themes but with a same origin: practice manifestation of human soul, fears and primordial questions. All the songs have a continuous evolution compositive structure following the theme of the song it self. Our songs are stories and so they keep changing. We try to comunicate with sound and music the mood of song-story’s time regardless of understanding or reading the text in order to create a consistent stimulus anyway.’
“Dr. Jack & Mrs White” Official Music Video
(track taken from “Random Rock” Album)

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