Blackstorm Premiere ‘Heavy Energy’ Video Ahead Of Pitchshifter Sold Out Show

Stoner/Doom Rock group BlackStorm have premiered a new lyric video for their latest track ‘Heavy Energy’ ahead of a special guest slot to Pitchshifter’s sold out Bristol show this July.

Hailing from Brighton UK, Blackstorm’s line-up features members of Earthtone9, The Blueprint, Twin Zero, Fall of Efrafa, GNOD and King Beef. Latest single ‘Heavy Energy’ serves as an ethereal appetiser ahead of Blackstorm’s special guest slot to Pitchshifter’s sold out Bristol show, at The Exchange, on the 7th of July.

Vocalist Karl Middleton (Earthtone9) says, “It’s an honour to share the stage with the Clayden brothers once again. Our friendship runs deep, over 25 years. This show is going to be wild. The Exchange is a killer 300 capacity venue, and it’s gonna be a hot, sweaty, high energy show.”

The epic follow up to 2022’s comeback single ‘Iron Harvest’, ‘Heavy Energy’ sees Blackstorm on fiery form. This six minute lumbering behemoth blends elemental stadium doom riffery and grooves with mournful grunge-tinged vocal melodies.

“The lyrics to ‘Heavy Energy’ are built around the idea of a Sisyphean Trial – a task that is impossible to complete”, explains Middleton. “It refers to the punishment that Sisyphus receives in the underworld, where he is forced to roll a boulder up a hill repeatedly for eternity.

Sometimes life can feel like endless, purposeless drudgery. The verse lyrics riff around this.

The chorus lyrics are a counter-point to this, drawing upon the idea that all is impermanent and relational, and that we have the resources within us to overcome any challenge we might experience in life.”

Originally formed in 2006, Blackstorm released a 7” record on London’s Sound Devastation Records and a digital ep release via Canada’s Distort Records. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Cancer Bats, Kruger, Miramar Disaster, Saviours, Burning Love and Orange Goblin, made killer appearances at Hammerfest and Desertfest and received radio play on the Bruce Dickinson’s radio show. The band was dormant for eight years, resurfacing in 2022 with comeback single ‘Iron Harvest’ and new release ‘Heavy Energy.’

Blackstorm are relentless in their drive to create the perfect mix of epic doom, grunge, stoner and classic rock.


Karl Middleton – Vocals
Neil Kingsbury – Guitars & Backing vocals
Steve McCusker – Bass
Jon Perry – Drums


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