New Album: KAOS
Release UK: October 5, 2018 / Plastic Head

Decontrol, eyes shut and full speed ahead into “Kaos”!

Two years after their debut album, Blackout Problems dare a cutaway view and present themselves both musically and personally as an evolved alternative-rock band. Their emotionally extreme situation, constant touring and struggling for artistic independence can be heard at all times.

Their new album “Kaos” combines spherical soundscapes and lyrics, set to music by journeys into the unknown, closely followed by constant doubts and resignation. The moment when everything falls apart and something new emerges.

An ending or a breakup can either lead to positive change or it can plunge you into ruin. “Kaos” was written in an uncertain and intense situation in life and it’s the cathartic attempt to get something out of the most negative of feelings. Possibly by gaining courage, as in the doleful ballad “Kontrol”. It gets under your skin, and was transformed during its recording process to a vigorous anthem, an ode to the painful but purging process of letting go.

Yelling out “You make me lose control” is the door opener straight into the heart of “Kaos”.

Agonising insecurity is part of the development every member of the band has been through personally over the past few years, as Mario the vocalist describes:

“Kaos is when your foundation starts to crumble and things turn out of the ordinary. Writing this album tore us up mentally on some days, but also showed us how therapeutic a glimpse towards our innards can be.”

The musical progression happened absolutely autarkic: No genre was simply copied, and every song deprives itself from any category. Atmospheric guitars mill into the long-term memory of every Alexisonfire or Being As An Ocean fan, the balancing of being over intellectual and at the same time catchy is on the same level as alternative legends Biffy Clyro.

Their driven track “Queen” is predestined for sweaty club-moshpits, whereas the single “Kaos” forges a three minute trance, before ending the song in an explosion. Vicarious for the calm touch to the album “Holy” refrains escalation and enfolds itself, adding further soundscapes with deep impact.

In the end this album gives you never heard before alternative-rock, somewhere between a post-hardcore- influenced force, piano-melancholia and electronic feedback-sounds- an equally passionate, torn and disillusioned outcry.

Carrying on from the previous album “Holy”, which had the burnt down Brighton-Pier on its cover, the band decided to use abnormal architecture to visualise the album artwork of “Kaos” again.

The Nevigese pilgrimage church, nearby Velbert, unsettles the inside of the booklet and is embedded on the front cover, with its abstract structures and its chilly corpus.

The brutalist architectual concept is symbolic for the bands’ fight with their own deamons.
“Kaos” is Blackout Problems’ second album and will be released on the 5th October 2018 in UK by Plastic Head in collaboration with Cargo Records.

The 2016 released debut “Holy” immediately hit the Top 50 German album charts. Sold-out, sweaty shows, shortly followed by their album release tour, including appearances on TV shows Pro7, Circus Halligalli, BR Puls, Startrampe and Rocket Beans. The band then supported Heisskalt, Jennifer Rostock, Apologies I Have None, Royal Republic and played innumerable festivals and moreover they were featured by Nathan Gray. The warm-up “Intimate Tour” in May 2018 was sold out within minutes.

„Kaos“ hit in the Top 25 German album charts.


October 10, 2018 October 11, 2018 October 12, 2018 October 13, 2018 October 14, 2018
with Poets Of The Fall

Bristol – Thekla
London – O2 Academy Islington Glasgow – The Garage Nottingham – Rock City Manchester – Club Academy


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