Blackmore’s Night founded in 1997 by ex-Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore & vocalist Candice Night, have released their eleventh studio album Nature’s Light’. The story of `Nature’s Light’ is the story of nature being the true queen and the simplicity and magic of everyday miracles that happen right before your eyes according to Candice Night.

            The first track `Once Upon December’, takes us straight to a winters evening where medieval renaissance music is playing. It is a bright, jolly track with some beautiful vocals from Night. `Four Winds’ moves closer to a folk-Rock vibe as the bassline and drum become more prominent.

            `Feather In The Wind’ tells the tale of empty bottles and fireside capers as fiddles and flutes come to the fore. `Darker Shade Of Black’ is an altogether different animal. Here a deep, dark organ drone is accompanied by slow strings until the drums kick in and a church organ takes on the lead before giving way to Blackmore’s haunting electric guitar which turns this track into something of an epic.

            The waltz of `Twisted Oak’ follows as Candice Night’s voice mesmerises once more in storyteller mode. The Title track, `Nature’s Light’ is full of pomp and circumstance with regal air to it. You can almost picture soldiers marching and horse-drawn carriages. A track which could easily be played at a Céilí.

            The organ returns to centre stage with the instrumental `Der Letzte Musketier’ in the intro before Blackmore kicks in with some wonderfully bluesy electric guitar work. This is the man on top form once more! Next up is a cover of Rednex `Wish You Were Here. The track also appeared on their debut album. Candice Night’s vocal is warmer and more emotional here than on other tracks found here.

            The traditional, `Going To The Faire’ raises the spirits and the tempo and encourages folk dancing and merriment. Album Closer, `Second Element’ as previously recorded by Sarah Brightman is something of a beast at over six minutes long. That allows Blackmore to work the fretboard brilliantly and for Night to put her stamp on this excellent track.


Review: Paul Sabin


Nature’s Light” will be released in multiple formats. Among these is a Strictly Limited 2CD Hardcover Mediabook Edition including a bonus CDfeaturing a carefully selected set of Blackmore’s Night’s masterpieces from their extensive back catalogue. Furthermore, the album will become available as a CD Digipak Edition, a Strictly Limited Heavyweight 1LP Gatefold Edition on Yellow Vinyl, a 180g 1LP Gatefold Edition on Black Vinyl as well as Digital.





  1. Once upon December
  2. four winds
  3. feather in the wind
  4.  darker shade of black (instrumental)
  5. the twisted oak
  6. nature’s Light
  7. Der Letzte Musketier (instrumental)
  8. Wish you were here (2021)
  9. going to the faire
  10. second element


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