Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace - Album Review
Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace - Album Review 10
Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace - Album Review 10
Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace - Album Review 10
Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace - Album Review 10
Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace - Album Review 10
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The fourth instalment Another State Of Grace from Black Star Riders is an absolute gem, ten songs that encapsulate everything the band are and where they have come from.

It’s not often you come across an album that is packed with great rock ‘n’ roll songs, each one as good if not better than the next. It is inevitable that Black Star Riders are going to be compared to Thin Lizzy, with their obvious history, but they seem to have carved there on niche here and while there are one or two songs you will listen to and say oh yeah that’s Lizzy for the most part it is Black Star Riders.

The opening track “Tonight The Moonlight Let Me Down” is a Lizzy track but it’s not and its only when you listen to it that you will understand it, a great rock track with riffs out the door and a classic sax solo, a great way to start things off. “Another State Of Grace” is a Celtic fuelled barnstormer that with a brilliant drum back beat and a nice trade off with the guitars and a groovy solo that meshes nicely, a real anthem. “Ain’t The End Of The World” just pulls you in from the opening note with really catchy hooks and great guitars it’s just an all round rocker. “Underneath The Afterglow” is heavier and has a meatier feel to it with hard riffs, a brilliant back beat, funky keyboards and great vocals. “Soldier In The Ghetto” is a brilliantly funky track that just oozes groove with a side of hard rock, simply mesmerising.

Things slow down considerably on the next track “Why Do You Love Your Guns”, filled with emotion about America’s trouble with mass shootings, as good a song as it is it seems a little lost on an album filled with rockers. “Standing In The Line Of Fire” kicks it back up several notches with a foot stomper packed full of tasty riffs and an excellent Gorham solo. “What Will It Take” has a Bruce Springsteen/ Elvis Costello feel to it, a nice groovy smooth track with guest vocals from Pearl Aday. “In The Shadow Of The War Machine” is a nasty hard rocker with gnarly riffs, a solid drum beat that pounds you into the ground and snarling vocals gives you all you could want from a track like this. The final track on the album “Poisoned Heart” is a really catchy tune and a great way to close the album, faced paced and punchy with some great riffs and hooks that will have you bopping along like there’s no tomorrow.

This is Black Star Riders fourth offering and by far and away their best and also goes a long way to showing people that they are not just an extension of Lizzy but a great rocking band in their own right.

Another State OF Grace is out now Via Nuclear Blast Records.

Black Star Riders are

Ricky Warwick                            Vocals

Scott Gorham                           Guitars

Robbie Crane                           Bass

Chad Szeliga                           Drums

Christian Martucci                  Guitars

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