BLACK SHEETS OF RAIN release new single ‘Through The Storm’, announce collaboration with Horror Author A.S. CHAMBERS 

Rising UK Metal trio Black Sheets Of Rain have released their new single ‘Through The Storm’, taken from their debut EP ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’, which is out now on W.A.R Productions.

The band are also delighted to announce that they will be collaborating with acclaimed horror author A.S. Chambers on a song cycle based on characters from his novels.

The track Through The Storm “…is about surviving through tough times, which is a common theme in our songs,” reveals frontman Rich Davenport. “I wrote the lyrics in 2016 when my wife had a serious accident, was in an induced coma and was hospitalised for four months. It’s about sticking together no matter what and finding a way through.”

Checkout the lyric video for Through The Storm, created by R.R. Wyatt Studios:

The track is also featured in “Surprise,” a recent horror movie from Hermitage Wanderer/Greenhouse Films, which has been submitted to film festivals for consideration and will be released on BluRay/DVD this year. The band’s debut single No Rest, which featured Venom Inc frontman Tony Dolan, was another venture into the horror genre, inspired by the chilling tales of Edgar Allan Poe.

On a similar note, the band have begun a collaboration with horror author A.S. Chambers, a fellow native of their hometown of Lancaster, UK. “I’ve always loved concept albums like Queensryche’s “Operation Mindcrime” and the song cycles Rush did on records like “Hemispheres,” says Davenport, “and I’m a fan of A.S. Chambers’ books. With him living in the same town as us, we decided to approach him to see if he’d be interested in collaborating with us, and the whole band is excited to be working with him on a linked group of songs based on his characters which will feature on our debut album, which is tentatively scheduled for 2020.” Chambers will appear on the tracks in the role of narrator.

A.S.Chambers is Lancaster’s notorious master of the macabre. He is well known for marking his home town’s place on the horror map of the United Kingdom. His Sam Spallucci books, with their quirky blend of urban fantasy, film noir and dry humour, have gained a cult following over the last few years. Readers and fans have journeyed from around the country to see where reality meets an ever-expanding universe of vampires, werewolves, angels and a plethora of other supernatural characters.

He is pleased to be teaming up with Black Sheets of Rain to explore the post-apocalyptic themes hinted at in his growing collection of books. In a time known as the Divergent Lands, a shadowy figure identified only as Kanor has prevented the union of Heaven and Earth and chaos reigns in the form of his unstoppable clay-based creations, the constructs. Are the Divergent Lands preventable or are they inevitable? Only time will tell…

A.S.Chambers has a dark and brooding website at


Taking their musical cues from classic acts like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Motorhead,

Kings X, Thin Lizzy, Accept, Metallica, Iron Maiden, UFO, Anthrax and Husker Du, Black Sheets Of Rain’s focus is on writing memorable songs delivered with relentless energy. Their sound distils influences from across the metal spectrum, from doom to thrash, into a hard-hitting contemporary sound. Pounding drums, rumbling bass, biting guitars and gritty vocals underpin the band’s heavy, melodic material.

A power trio in the vintage mould, the band feature David Nuttall (Drums/Vocals, ex Toy Dolls), Matt Lambourne (Bass / Vocals, ex Solomon Groove) and Rich Davenport (Guitar/Lead Vocals, ex See Red, Atomkraft). Songs from their forthcoming debut EP have already met with an enthusiastic reception at live shows supporting established UK Metal bands Eliminator, Seven Sisters and Conjuring Fate and thrash/harcore veterans Dogsflesh. The track is featured in “Surprise,” a recent horror movie from Hermitage Wanderer/Greenhouse Films, which premiered in Manchester in November 2018 and will be sent to film festivals in 2019.

The band members have gigged extensively over the years in the UK and abroad and have worked on a number of self-released albums, singles and EPs in previous projects. They are currently arranging gigs to promote the release of their debut EP In The Eye Of The Storm in April 2019 on long-running Metal label W.A.R. Productions in 2019, with a view to following this with a full-length album in 2020.

The EP features a guest vocal from Davenport’s former Atomkraft bandmate Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (Venom Inc) on the track “No Rest”, and an introductory instrumental from labelmate Hugin from fantasy ambient Metal band Uruk Hai.

The EP was produced by Tony Wilson, producer of Tommy Vance’s legendary Friday Rock Show, and of countless sessions for John Peel’s long-running BBC radio show. Wilson has continued to work extensively as a producer, and the band enlisted him for the EP due to his expertise in producing radio sessions and live concert broadcasts which captured the energy and spontaneity of bands like Thin Lizzy, Dio and Iron Maiden.

Lyrically, many of the songs on the EP are about surviving difficult times (Still Spark Something, Through The Storm, Force Of Habit.) The track Weight Of Shadows talks about the experience of dealing with depression, and was released as a single in aid of Ian’s Chain, a charity which counsels those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and supports people who have lost a loved one to suicide. For more information please see

The song No Rest offers a more light-hearted contrast, with an Edgar Allan-Poe inspired slice of gothic horror. The band are also collaborating with horror author A.C. Chambers on a series of linked songs based on his novels.

The EP cover features a striking piece by award-winning Austrian artist Dietmar Pickering.

Black Sheets Of Rain are – David Nuttall – Drums/Vocals, Matt Lambourne – Bass/Vocals,

Rich Davenport – Guitar/Lead Vocals

Order the EP here:

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