Black Metal unit NAXEN reveal first album details!
“Towards The Tomb Of Times” to be released June 5th on Vendetta Records



Following their acclaimed debut EP ‘To Abide In Ancient Abysses’, German black metal band NAXEN just announced to release their first full length album on June 5th via Berlin’s finest home for blackened underground music, Vendetta Records!
On ‘Towards The Tomb Of TimesNAXEN consolidates their own contemporary take on black metal which is truthful to the Scandinavian heritage and incorporates the atmospheric counterpart of USBM and East-European melodies. With four tracks spanning over 47 minutes, the album explores the weakness of mankind, the unavoidable loss and the inevitable failure of our species.

The album tracklist reads as follows:
1. To Welcome The Withering
2. The Odious Ordeal
3. A Shadow In The Fire Part I – (Scars Of Solitude)
4. A Shadow In The Fire Part II – (Where Fire Awaits)



All elements constituting “Towards The Tomb Of Times” and their songs of darkness and loss engraved on this record are illustrative of how NAXEN has progressed dramatically in terms of sound and song-writing since their original conception in 2018.
Mixed and mastered by Andy Roscyzk (Ultha) at Goblin Sound Studio encapturing the veritable coldness and giving transparency to the multi-layered essence of the songs, “Towards The Tomb Of Times” will be coming out June 5th on Vendetta Records!


NAXEN are:
NAXEN: SP (Bass)
LN (Vocals/Guitar)
FT (Guitar)

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