Black Lakes – For All We’ve Left Behind – Set For Release Feb 22

Hauntingly melancholy yet uplifting, ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ is a new collection of music that has one foot placed firmly in the now and the other striding forward in collective hope for a brighter future in the darkest of times. Please welcome Black Lakes and their new album.

Whether we have lost loved ones, deprived from seeing family, or simply missing some of the luxuries we used to enjoy without restriction (restaurants, cinemas, live music), nearly all of us have had to leave something behind following the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The songs on ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ deal with a wide variety of themes, from loss, to anger at the present state of the world we live in, to finding strength through pain. It is a collection of songs that has been written with the hope of engaging listeners and reaching out to let them know they are not alone.

Emotive, thoughtful, expressive. Black Lakes remind us what it is to be human in the modern digital age.

For music fans that like their songs, melodies, and anthemic choruses slightly darker in tone, ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ delivers this in bucketloads. Black Lakes have taken the opportunity during the pandemic to explore their musical boundaries and go above and beyond. With backs against the wall, the Chepstow alt rock group have arguably delivered an album better than the original vision.

The Welsh band have already placed their head above the paraphet and proved themselves to be ones to watch out for. Listen to the heavy and intenseness of tracks like ‘The Divide’, ‘Dissident’, ‘Ghosts of our memories’, are all wrapped in cinematic atmospherics designed to leave a lasting effect on the listener. Where, perhaps, the band will surprise fans (new and old) is in the diversity of the unheard album tracks. Black, white, and grey with colours interspacing points of difference, the album title track and secret closing song ‘Black Days Come’ deserve special mention, as does the forthcoming single, ‘Verity In Flames’. Be in no doubt, there is much to celebrate here.

Black Lakes have delivered an album that’s intelligent as it is inspired by its influences, yet still managing to innovate. An immersive, dramatic soundscape that sets the bar high for up and coming rock/metal bands in 2022.

‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ is released on 22 February 2022.

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1. Exordium
2. Avarice
3. Dissident
4. Fragments
5. Verity In Flames
6. The Divide
7. Landslide
8. Ghosts [Of Our Memories]
9. Deathrone
10. Break The Silence
11. For All We’ve Left Behind


Will Preston – Vocals
Scott Brashaw – Guitar
James Rowlands – Guitar
Dylan Burris – Guitar
Lee Harris – Bass
Dafydd Fuller – Drums


26 Jan – BRISTOL – The Fleece
18 June – MERTHYR TYDFIL – The Redhouse
02 July –  EDINBURGH – Bannermans
03 July – DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY – Wildfire Festival


Official website:
Twitter: @blacklakesuk

Photo credit: DJE Images
Artwork credit: Yuvraj Bhatnagar

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