BLACK LAKES // For All We’ve Left Behind // ALBUM REVIEW


A project three years in the making, Black Lakes have managed to fuse the excitement of the early ‘00s booming Alt-Metal scene with something altogether fuller and modern-sounding, resulting in a debut album that you do not want to miss!  Oozing with cathartic opportunity, if there’s something good to come from challenges, then ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ is cast-iron proof.


Opening track ‘Exordium’ sparks curiosity in the darkest corners of your brain as though reawakening something long forgotten.  Sixty-five seconds later, ‘Avarice hails like a crackling fireball from the left, blasting any remaining dust with its fastly furious and unafraid vocals.   At no point does this song surrender.  The grittiest of vocals effortlessly blend with a bouncing breakdown before the smoother chorus resumes.  The echoey guitar strikes of ‘Dissident’ keep the mystery coming like eastern sands on the wind, before ripping through with all the subtlety of a chainsaw.  The song fights back and continues the vein of deep vocals over a rich skilful melody and it’s easy to lose yourself for almost-five minutes with this one.

There are impressive growls and well-held notes in ‘Fragments’ and the lyrics suggest that someone has realised the truth about a situation, the drums helping to hammer that home with self-berating kicks.  ‘Verity In Flames’ is a track that doesn’t hold back, its particularly noteworthy bassline and complex inclusions gel together with guttural musings that merge seamlessly with straight-talking instruments.  The wails of the lead guitar in ‘The Divide’ seem to scream on behalf of the song and tell a beautifully sorrowful tale towards the end.  Atmospheric vocals and big riffs throughout, prove testimony that this clever collective of musicians will bear mighty strength against being led astray from their true path.  Soft chorals mark the beginning of ‘Ghosts [of our Memories]’ a song in which every raw breath and note are emotionally charged.

Anthemic ‘Deathrone has lyrics that crowd surf amongst the short sharp blasts of music and if you’re caught in a difficult headspace, then ‘Break the Silence’ may be able to pierce through the barrier and reassure you with its poignant chorus.  The title track ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ is hung from gentler strings and has a beat that cracks like a slow whip. The song feels like something re-emerging, a little battle-worn but viewing its scars like a well-earned life map and striding on with unfaltering reserve.  Wrapping the album as an unexpected treat, ‘Black Days Come’ is a vibrantly spooky lucid dream of a song that floods you with its grunge-obscured tune and vocals that gently refresh and revive – perhaps the storm that came, has enabled a new kind of growth?

There is almost certainly space on everybody’s mental-musical-mantelpiece for this stunning debut album.  12 songs full of emotion and huge irresistible sounds to help plug those holes that life’s bullets can all too often leave in our soul.  ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ is OUT 22.2.22.


‘For All We’ve Left Behind’ is released on 22 February 2022

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  1. Exordium
  2. Avarice
  3. Dissident
  4. Fragments
  5. Verity In Flames
  6. The Divide
  7. Landslide
  8. Ghosts [of our memories]
  9. Deathrone
  10. Break The Silence
  11. For All We’ve Left Behind
  12. Black Days Come


Will Preston – Vocals

Scott Brashaw – Guitar

James Rowlands – Guitar

Dylan Burris – Guitar

Lee Harris – Bass

Dafydd Fuller – Drums

18 Feb – CRUMLIN – WALES – The Patriot

01 May – SWANSEA – Station 18 Festival

18 June – MERTHYR TYDFIL – The Redhouse

02 July – EDINBURGH – Bannermans

03 July – DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY – Wildfire Festival


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Twitter: @blacklakesuk


BLACK LAKES // For All We’ve Left Behind // ALBUM REVIEW
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