Black Anvil // Regenesis // Album Review


USBM titans Black Anvil are back to bring a regenesis to what you thought black metal should be.

Formed in 2007 Black Anvil have been pushing the envelope of sonic brutality within black metal. Featuring members of iconic NYHC bands & with a rich foundation of songwriting the band have been able since their first full-length album “Time Insults the Mind ” released in 2008 to create some of the best USA black metal.

By the second release “Triumvirate” (2010) the band had already started the new evolution of their sound. It wasn’t until 2014’s “Hail Death” which saw the biggest progression in the band’s catalogue.

“As Was” the band’s last album saw the band add more classic rock elements into the band’s sound & created some of the most diverse & largest tracks in the band’s discography to date.

Now with “Regenesis” it seems the band are looking to take another push forward. I think this quote from Vocalist & Bassist P.D tells you where the band is going. “Like a snake constantly shedding its skin. We don’t look back, but never forget.”

“Regenesis” isn’t a sidestep or a jump of genre. The album at its core is a more elemental Black Anvil but as well they are adding elements not heard in the band’s sonics to date.

“The Gates of Brass” is a sneak peak into what will unfold in the album, ambient & industrial sounds seep in the background as the bass drives the intro & then “In Two” explodes.

 If you want to know what Black Anvil is, this track is the perfect example. Solid, driven but also atmospheric black metal. The track might be close to six minutes in length but it’s a journey of a track. An epic opener.

Elements within the chorus like soaring singing vocals mixed in well with P.D. ‘s vocals. Brash & harsh but also beautiful & angelic at the same time.

“8-bit Terror” one the leading singles is a pulsating & thunderous experience. Reminding me of some of the band’s early work, this track is a straight black metal anthem. With yet again a chorus that elevates the track into an ethereal spectrum.

At the albums midpoint “Silver & Steele” is the band’s most expansive. Echoing clean guitar & roaring drums help build the track to the large & bountiful chorus. A mix of Type O Negative & Candlemass cloaked in the dark & blackened elements of Black Anvils tone. This track is one of the most beautiful & extensive tracks on the album.

An even more surprising turn is within “VV” a two minute interlude near the back half of the record. Part breakbeat & industrial this may only be a small slice but it’s a much greatly added element to this album that breaks up the track listing well before heading to “NYC Nightmares”.

Featuring the legend that is Danny “Ezec” Diablo this is a huge departure from his typical hardcore & hiphop roots. This track has a very earthly & primal sound. R.G’s drums punch through here hugely. His thick & broad drum sound echoes throughout & keeps the song grounded. This track was another great surprise.

“Regenesis” the title & closing track is a great culmination of the whole sonic landscape the band have forged on the album.

The primordial Black Anvil sound is on this album & greatly recognisable still but they added elements & further reaches the band to help craft a even more stellar sound & architecture for the band going forward.

Black Anvil are an extraordinary band & unlike most still want to push forward when it comes to the band’s sound.

The DNA of Black Anvil is within “Regenesis” but like the albums title they have been able to come back after albums such as “As Was” and keep the songs momentous but still leave room for the perfect moments to evolve their evergoing sound.

Regenesis is out Season of Mist on 4th November 2022


1. The Gates of Brass (1:18)
2. In Two (5:39)
3. The Bet (4:32)
4. 8-bit Terror (4:18)
5. 29 (4:07)
6. Silver & Steele (5:43)
7. Castrum Doloris (4:12)
8. Echoes & Tapestry (5:31)
9. VV (1:56)
10. NYC Nightmares (4:04)
11. Grant Us His Love (4:28)
12. Regenesis (4:26)

R: Drums
P: Bass/Vocals
J: Guitar

Recording: Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves
Mixing + Mastering: by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio

Guest vocals:
Danny “Ezec” Diablo on “NYC Nightmares”

Artwork: Metastazis, Paris



CD Digipak
2x 12” Gatefold (Black)
2x 12” Gatefold (Coloured and Black)

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